Ah, summer…

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Lots of people have been emailing us to find out what’s going on. Well, it’s summer! Honestly, to avoid complete burnout we pretty much halt development over the summer months so we can get in family vacations and synthesize some vitamin D via contact with the sun.

With the end of summer slowly approaching, we’ll be back in “full development mode” soon enough. That means the official Book III announcement (and some early screenshots) shouldn’t be too far off.  Until then, get outside and enjoy these hot, lazy days!

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  1. bootreer
    | Reply

    I figured this was the case. Enjoy your summer Team Basilisk Games because we expect great things from you this autumn!!

  2. jackson
    | Reply

    i need some B3 info!!! going crazy here man!!! lol

  3. jeremy
    | Reply

    Excellent! Have a great break guys…I still need to click EB1 and 2 anyway. Hopefully someone is working on the Steam MAC Lion fix, though!

  4. BasiliskWrangler
    | Reply

    @jeremy – Yes, we’re looking into it. We don’t completely shut down over the summer- just slow down quite a bit with new game development. We still try to handle support issues as quickly as we can.

  5. AXS
    | Reply

    You really earned those vacations , relax and enjoy it , we will be right here 🙂

  6. Jeremy
    | Reply

    @BasiliskWrangler – thanks for the update. It’s winter here in New Zealand so I am very jealous of your summer. Hope you guys make the most of the opportunity to relax and catch some sun…no doubt it will be non-stop for you once Book 3 amps up.

    All the best!

  7. William
    | Reply

    It’s too hot here in Oklahoma to go outside (yay for Vitamin D supplements). Haha. I can’t wait to see what goodies you’ll have for us.

  8. secuda
    | Reply

    well you guys deserve it (and other devolopers as well), in order to keep up with the work… hope Book 3 will be a blast.

  9. Niklas
    | Reply

    I loved Book I and playing book II. Go old school RPGs!

  10. Paul
    | Reply

    Hopefully when you come back to “full development mode” you will give us some updates on the Yoma Springs Cavern add-on and the Collector’s Edition of Book I. ^_^

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