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For the remainder of September, all Eschalon: Book II DVDs are $20.95! Shipping and handling is $4.00, making the total cost of the DVD the exact same as the digital download! If you have been thinking about buying the game, … Read More

Eschalon: Book I 1.06 Now available

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Eschalon: Book I version 1.06 is now available! This version fixes a few glitches that have been reported by several users. If you haven’t experienced any crashes or glitches, then version 1.06 will offer no noticeable improvements for you. Here … Read More

Farewell, PowerPC Macs!

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Supporting a discontinued piece of hardware is difficult. Earlier we posted a question regarding whether or not we should continue to support the PowerPC Macintosh platform, and the overwhelming response from our customers so far has been that it is … Read More

RPGCodex takes their turn with Book II

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RPGCodex recently finished their time with Eschalon: Book II. The review has no score, opting instead to highlight a number of up and down points. The Codex is a notoriously hard-to-please group of enthusiasts and despite several criticisms, they ended their review with:  “…it’s … Read More

Small email problem

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Sorry to anyone who might have tried to email us in the past week- we made a change to a setting on our email server which reset our storage limits. Some of you have reported that your email to us … Read More

Link Exchange!

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We get several requests each month from people wanting to exchange links with us, and so we’ve recently set up a page called “Friend Links” (look to the left) which will take you to a list of sites who exchange links with … Read More

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