New Basilisk Games Swag!

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We’ve upgraded our Swag Store with more stuff! Mousepads, key chains, and more shirt combinations than ever. We’ve also added a whole line of Eschalon: Book I swag (ton of requests for this!) so check it out by clicking the … Read More

Basilisk Games Swag now available!

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Basilisk Games has opened our own official Swag Shoppe where you can buy T-shirts and other merchandise! Click the Merchandise link to the left, or follow the direct link below. If you have a merchandise suggestion or want to see … Read More

And the winners are…

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Nemos T. (UK) Christopher A. (US) Athena A. (US) All the winners have been notified and have responded to their our email, so there is no chance of any alternate winners. Thanks to everyone who responded! Don’t forget to come … Read More

Winners announced tomorrow!

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Thank you for all the entries we’ve received for the Macintosh Book I CDs Giveaway! We are truly amazed at the number of entries- about 3 times more than I estimated we would get! The entries are being gathered and … Read More

Giveaway deadline?

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Some of you have asked about the deadline, so lets make it official: the deadline for getting your name in for the Mac CD giveaway is 7:00pm EDT (that’s GMT -4 hours) Monday 7th, 2009. Monday is a holiday in … Read More

Eschalon: Book II Q&A Updated

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We’ve added a new question and answer to the Q&A thread running in the forums. The topic of this question is regarding multiple solutions to quests as well as choices and consequences. Link: Eschalon: Book II Q&A Thread

Eschalon: Book I CD Giveaway!

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Okay, before you get too excited, this giveaway is for the Macintosh version only! You see, we were cleaning out a file cabinet here in the studio and discovered three pristine copies of Eschalon: Book I for Macintosh. These were … Read More

Exhumed from the Catacombs…

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We’ve had requests to re-post the links to several Eschalon: Book II articles that were on the previous website, and so here they are! Interview with Colony of Gamers RPG Vault Peek #1 and Peek #2 Interview with RPGWatch

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