Exhumed from the Catacombs…

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We’ve had requests to re-post the links to several Eschalon: Book II articles that were on the previous website, and so here they are! Interview with Colony of Gamers RPG Vault Peek #1 and Peek #2 Interview with RPGWatch

Growing pains

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We’ve had a few concerns come our way regarding changes to the website. First, if you were previously subscribed to the RSS news feed on the old site, you’ll need to update to the new feed at http://basiliskgames.com/feed (most newer … Read More

New Eschalon: Book II Screenshots

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To kick off the new web site, we’ve released two new screenshots for Eschalon: Book II showing some new interface graphics and a glimpse of the arctic zone, the Northland Expanse… [singlepic id=13 h=135 w=180 float=left] [singlepic id=14 h=135 w=180]

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