Farewell, PowerPC Macs!

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Supporting a discontinued piece of hardware is difficult.

Earlier we posted a question regarding whether or not we should continue to support the PowerPC Macintosh platform, and the overwhelming response from our customers so far has been that it is now okay to discontinue this support. Two years ago we asked the same question and the response was far different.

We asked this question because while we want to cater to as many platforms as possible, it is becoming impossible to compile our games on the PowerPC Mac due to lack of support from other software providers. Technology marches on and the sun has set on the Macintosh PowerPC architecture, at least for us.

And so, it is with no great sadness we officially drop PowerPC Mactinosh support from all future games, including future versions of Book I and Book II. Versions 1.05 of Book I and 1.04 of Book II will be the last that contain a Universal Binary application.

If you are one of the few Mac gamers who will be negatively affected by this decision, we sincerely apologize. And to the PowerPC processor that made the Mac what it is today, we salute you!

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  1. RE_Chief
    | Reply

    I think the fact that you continued to support them for so long when other companies most certainly would not is more than impressive enough. It really sets you guys (and ladies?) apart.

  2. Davis S.
    | Reply

    Aye, I agree with the general sentiment (from the Mac-using community). The PowerPC-based Macs are well past their “expiration date”, and even Apple and Steve Jobs have officially dropped support for them a couple years ago.

    Most Macs purchased in the last 5+ years have been based on Intel CPUs, so that means your games would still be supporting Macs as old as 5 years! Five years is considered “prehistoric” in terms of computer age.

  3. Wayne
    | Reply

    Id rather have wide screen support for my native resolution.

  4. Jude
    | Reply

    Well, thanks for supporting Power Macs and OS X 10.3.9 for so long. I wouldn’t have been able to play your games, otherwise, on my G4/1.25 DP. I got a new intel-based iMac this summer, so I am set to go!

    A question, though: Will those who still have Power Macs be able to buy the older versions of your games to use on them?


  5. Jay
    | Reply

    Interesting, what are the technical difficulties in supporting PPC. As far as I recall, it was just the endian issues. Blizzard is also stopping support which… is a bit more distressing since I know WoW is still played on G4 Macs.

    And as for “prehistoric” I know of people that still have Performas running OS 8.6 since OSX still doesn’t have the software they use for their workflow.

    And if you look at Steam stats, plenty of folk use 6+ year old machines to play Counterstrike.

  6. BasiliskWrangler
    | Reply

    @Jay – Yes, endian issues are only one aspect of it. It is just a lot of work to maintain the additional code base and a functional PPC machine here, not to mention trying to offer support to people running 6-year-old computers. In addition, much of the software we use to make the games are quickly dropping PPC support, so it just adds even more headaches for us to maintain the PPC versions of Eschalon ourselves.

  7. Noli
    | Reply

    that means:
    In Short:

    broke folks are not able to play them. .

  8. Bruce
    | Reply

    Well, thanks for supporting the old machines for so long.

    The thought of no longer getting to play your games had me order a new top-of-the-line 27″ iMac. Now I’m poorer but happier.

    So, keep’m coming.

  9. Matthew
    | Reply

    I can understand why you stopped supporting them. As it is hard to compile games for a platform when the compiler does not support them.

    Too bad though as the PowerMacs have a boatload of processing power in left in them still and most certainly could handle the majority of modern games if compiled in the AltiVec graphics code.

    Well, me and my 2001 Apple TiBook say good by.

  10. Alienvisitor
    | Reply

    What I would like is either a version I can play, or a refund.

    Why is it that software companies always presume that everyone can afford a new computer.

    I guess its that thing that drives the world……………..GREED.

  11. Daenoor
    | Reply

    Hey it seems this was a problem even years ago! I’m a guy from future guys! And I’ll ask you to make your games to support PPC.

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