Save button broken after purchase of full game

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Save button broken after purchase of full game

Post by madrigan » April 23rd, 2009, 1:51 pm

I paid up today and was glad to see that the new full version automatically found my saved games. I messed around with my current game a little bit and once again decided my character was too weak. So I started a new game, my first new game with the full version. I went through the character building screen, started the new game, and after a couple of minutes decided to save. If I point at the little disk icon, it lights up, but if I click it, nothing happens. Some, but not all, of the other buttons work. In the game, things seem normal, I can walk around, use inventory, etc.

I realize that the obvious thing to is start over and see if it happens again, but I'm concerned that I will get an hour in and suddenly not be able to save. This didn't happen in the demo in several hours of play despite my very frequent saves. Is this a known issue, a random event, a subatomic string...?

This is in OS 10.4.11. I'm running the Intego virus scanner if that matters.

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Re: Save button broken after purchase of full game

Post by Quickmix » October 7th, 2009, 9:49 am

Try to use the esc key. Maybe this works.

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Re: Save button broken after purchase of full game

Post by IJBall » October 7th, 2009, 10:21 am

Quickmix wrote:Try to use the esc key. Maybe this works.
It doesn't.

This is a known bug in the Mac version. It's been mentioned before in this forum - for example, #3 at the bottom of this post here.

My question to Madrigan is - are you playing on a Mac laptop, or on a Mac desktop?
(It'd be nice to know if this is a bug issue that just effects laptops - I play on a Mac laptop, and I've occasionally encountered the 'Can't Save/Can't Hit ESC Button' bug...)

As to the issue, I hate to say it Madrigan, but you're going to have to quit the application and start your game over. I think there's no other way around this bug... :(
(The moral of this story is - once you get a game going, save often, as you don't want to lose too much of your game if this bug hits again. And this bug will hit again - it happens infrequently, but at random times...)

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