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Window Mode Toggle

Post by Psen » July 25th, 2010, 3:07 pm

I *just* found this game (believe it or not) and love it so much I've been playing for 2 days solid. During this time, I found 3 things that I'd very much like to see. I won't go into them all in detail here, but the major one is the standard Mac Opt-F that many apps use to toggle to Windowed Mode/Full screen. I love playing in full screen mode, but often need to toggle out to do other things. This means restarting the game each time (or playing in window mode to begin with which I don't do because it detracts from the game). Is there any way to get this into the game, or at the very least get it in Book 2 so I have something to look forward to?

(If this is not the right place to post a FR of this kind, let me know and I'll better direct comments in the future).

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