help with thief build- spolier!!!

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help with thief build- spolier!!!

Post by Solberg »

so i just ended the game with warrior with divination for heal and buff, im trying to do a thief but i got some questions
Can i wait till zeblin to train lockpicking?
I read thrown weapons are to heavy, should i go with piercing weapons and bow?
you can train cleaving weapons on port kuudad, should i play game and wait till i am there or should i sneak in since level 1?
should i add elemental vs no magic at all and use alchemy?
started skills and stats? i went 30 dex rest on perception?
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Re: help with thief build- spolier!!!

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You might find it hard to wait until Zeblin for lock picking training since it's easier to pick the lock to get there than batter down the door. Plus there will be plenty of places where you can get loot and experience along the way.

Piercing and bow are a good combination especially once you gain the feats. Strength to carry all those thrown weapons in addition to armor isn't easy for a thief. Also it's harder to get thrown weapons than to find arrows.

Getting into Port Kuudad at level 1 isn't easy and don't forget you need money for training.

It's easy to do a no magic and just use alchemy. However don't forget foraging for the ingredients.

Perception helps for finding traps unless you remember where they were and have the patience to sit next to the trap and wait until you see it.

Good Luck
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