my current thief level 14 nefarious rouge

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my current thief level 14 nefarious rouge

Post by Solberg » September 12th, 2017, 8:12 am

SO i made my thief at level 14, using piercing weapon at 25 right now and as you can see i have 40 dex.
i have 80% hit rate

Should i raise more dex?
I have hideshadow 12( with +2 ring)
skullduggery 10
picklock 10 (with +2 gloves)
Whats the max stat of skills above for an ending thieft characrter
should i raise alchemy and foreaging or is it a waste on thief??? both currently at 5

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Re: my current thief level 14 nefarious rouge

Post by Randomizer » September 12th, 2017, 1:51 pm

There are two reasons to keep raising alchemy. First it allows you to improve armor to increase armor rating. Second is to make potions for hard combats where you need to heal or duplicate spell buffs.

Foraging is less useful, but provides alchemy ingredients and they can be sold for money.

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Re: my current thief level 14 nefarious rouge

Post by SpottedShroom » September 12th, 2017, 2:00 pm

You may as well keep raising Dex. If you're not going for high MP or HP regen, it's probably your best use of stat points. Or maybe Strength if you want to wear heavier armor.

The formula for lock pick success percent is skill * 3 + dex / 3 + 50 - lock quality * 10, and the highest level lock is 10. So you would currently have 12 * 3 + 40/3 + 40 - 10 * 10, or -1 percent chance to pick a top-quality lock. Another level of pick locks would take you to 2%, then 5%, etc. Depending on how high a level you're happy with, you probably want to get another 4-17 ranks of pick locks.

Skullduggery is similar, except that the formula gives 60 base instead of 50, the highest level trap is 9, and it uses Concentration instead of Dexterity. So you currently have 6% chance to disarm a top-quality trap, which again goes up 3% per level.

I never managed to figure out the mechanics of Hide in Shadow / Move Silently in Book II, so I can't give you great advice on how best to use them.

If you have Create Food, foraging is less useful. Alchemy is great for anybody since it allows you to enchant weapons and armor. You need 20 levels (including temporary bonuses) for +3 armor or 22 for +3 to hit/+3 damage weapons.

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