Less fetch quests - more serious ones

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Less fetch quests - more serious ones

Post by revjwh » February 23rd, 2008, 1:25 pm

In a land rife with political intrigue, war etc. why not make the missions much more of the:

1) Plant evidence or break a frame

2) Follow and assassinate someone

3) factional "hits" and wars that feel like they matter to the game world

4) Diplomatically win over others (factions or leaders) to a certain side

Minor Spoiler (stop reading now): I found a note from a Gramok to Michael in the village and then learned that Gramok was a goblin shaman but when I went to confront Michael - I couldn't ... it broke immersion for me quite a bit....

I'd like to see quests that interact a bit more among factions and that change up some of the game world.... don't know how complex this would be for the engine but it seems capable of it.....

Just my .02 and I will definitely be buying Book II


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Post by acoustibop » February 23rd, 2008, 2:47 pm

That's not how you use the note, revjwh - try Darkford so you can rat on them. Try to filch an item when you're there - that'll be your only opportunity.

Some of the quests in the game do more follow the lines you suggest, but remember this is a land fragmented by war and uncertainty - but not really political intrigue. The organisation that would provide a framework for this has mostly broken down - everyone's too busy surviving.

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