(Book II Mod) Treasure Of The Orakur

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Re: (Book II Mod) Treasure Of The Orakur

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xolotl wrote: September 25th, 2020, 8:38 am
Hexhammer wrote: September 25th, 2020, 8:09 amThis is thread necromancy, but heck, I would so much want to play this mod... For some reason, it appears that the attached file is corrupt somehow, I can't unpack it or do anything with it.
Necromancy indeed! I've been away from this for too long. :) Anyway, yeah, can confirm that it looks like that to me as well. I do have a downloaded copy of this from back in the day, so I'll re-post it here and we'll see if that works okay. What's happening, btw, is it looks like something might have started to treat the file as if it's a text file, and changed a two-byte sequence (at 0x0B79C) which is supposed to be "0D 0A" (ie: a Windows-style text line ending) to the one-byte 0A (ie: a UNIX-style text line ending). I imagine this must've happened during a forum upgrade or migration or something.

Anyway, let's see if this one does any better!

Edit: Yep, looks like this link should be fine. Enjoy!
Hey that was a quick reply! Thank you! :D And it works.

I'm just not sure which maps will it reset, I made a test save in slot20 for my existing play through, will test out in a moment what happens. I'm fairly early at my game so most maps it changes I haven't even reached yet. But what the heck, I can sure dump few hours of game for this and start anew.

Now this is interesting! Apparently installing the mod resets the map, but does not reset the quests.(I've already done all East Willow quests.) Then it wiped the chests in the characters house, but did not insert all the starting items, just some. And every container in the bedroom was open.(I always close them.) Very interesting stuff indeed. I found the starting note to the mod.... Very intriguing. A hidden map nearby, I wonder where and how to find it. :D Anyway, I guess I'm in for rolling another character. Probably going on the same innocent looking girl with deadly sneaky rogue tendencies as I was already playing.
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