I am really disappointed with book 2.

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I am really disappointed with book 2.

Post by ben4345 » April 21st, 2012, 4:24 am

I know I will need to put on my flame suit for this. But I am really disappointed with book 2.
Almost no action, lots of exploring to find very little, get a powerful sword that I got right at the end. ending is 'I don't care, cliffhanger'.

For a game that has a story of an army taking over, there are too few monsters. I had to camp a lot to fight monsters to gain experience points. I spent hours of my life, exploring areas to find nothing more than a couple of monsters in many parts of the game. :cry:
There isn't that many quests, not much else to do, no humor, nothing!

It gives me the feeling that the developers just got bored with the game and rushed it in many ways. There is just too much empty space, a few towns, a couple of caves, few dungeons... meh.

Book 1 was good though..

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Re: I am really disappointed with book 2.

Post by BasiliskWrangler » April 21st, 2012, 5:15 am

Thanks for the feedback.

As for the "empty space", after Book 1 and lot of people asked for more areas to hunt in, so for Book 2 we purposely made several open areas that are sprinkled with creatures (and a few hidden items). These areas can be completely ignored, if you have no desire to explore them. We are sorry that you didn't find the creature density high enough for your liking.

As for getting a powerful sword right at the end- yes, that is traditional RPG design for the most part. However, in Book 2 you can find randomly generated items that might have far superior stats than any pre-made item, which could theoretically appear at almost any time during the game. You really never know what the game will generate at each random chest.
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Re: I am really disappointed with book 2.

Post by Cypress » April 21st, 2012, 5:16 am

I tend to disagree. I am currently playing the game for the second time and I find it very well balanced. There's plenty of things to kill. More of those and you'd be outnumbered to the point you'd be unable to finish the game. As for the quests, I found them satisfying. Maybe one or two more wouldn't hurt.
Overall I love this game.
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Re: I am really disappointed with book 2.

Post by Kreador Freeaxe » April 21st, 2012, 10:33 am

Won't flame you, because that would be discourteous and your opinion is valid. You played the game to the end, though perhaps you didn't find all of the side quests and such. The question of "enough" encounters to gain "enough" experience is a personal sensibility. Without camping encounters, it's certainly possible to gain enough experience to have a solid character to complete the game, but it may not be possible to max out your level (XP from all of the quests and encounters in a standard play-through including Fathamurk would probably get you to around level 23 or 24 and max is 30).

For the ending being a cliffhanger, yes. Book II suffers from a common ailment of middle installments--both in novels and in games. The first novel or game is often written hoping there will be more but with no guarantee, so it has a more rounded ending. When it comes to writing the middle, there's usually a more solid idea that there will be a finale. The middle book needs to set that up, and sometimes it's hard to manage that and a satisfying ending at the same time.

The one spot I will disagree strongly is the idea that there's no humor. Did you not read all the books? Did you not talk to the drunk in Port Kuudad? Many of the quests were funny, including the world's shortest quest. Sure, there's lots of dramatic stuff, too, but there is definitely humor.

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Re: I am really disappointed with book 2.

Post by ben4345 » April 21st, 2012, 9:06 pm

I would of liked to see more hidden in-depth dungeons, caves, and other NPC's. Maybe even some underground village. I know there was a under ground area with some undead, that was the best part about the game. I enjoyed that. I guess I just would like to see things filled in more and just more to do.
As for getting a about the most powerful weapon I've found ( am sure it isn't the most powerful in the game) , only 15 mins worth of the game after I did find it. I am just a little upset that I didn't get to actually use it. :(

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Re: I am really disappointed with book 2.

Post by whitknight26 » May 8th, 2012, 12:12 am

I was disappointed with this at first as well - BUT, That's just because the game is JUST really really brutal lol. I don't read guides or look for help until after I complete large portions and learn mechanics on my own.

Here's in(sic) example of Book 1/I for me of my first Character/guy - was at level 14 with a "ToHit chance of 11 or 14" and I was livid lol as you can well bet. Until I worked things out. Book 2 looks great...and I agree some areas are a bit barren and I miss the "Home sweet home" bits. Like where sparrow is - I wish there was a book about that little port explaining the history of that building. Although, perhaps I've over looked something. But there are still some great mechanics here.

In my current play through of book II I attempted to kill the assassin and couldn't handle him - I'm now level 12 and haven't attempted again. I'm now browsing the forums to see if there are ways to open the various port merchant store rooms (never mind).

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Re: I am really disappointed with book 2.

Post by kelticpete » May 11th, 2012, 8:49 pm

I played 2 over a year ago, and am about to play it again.

I never had to farm or camp to level.

as for monster density, it seemed about perfect to me. all I remember now is how much freaking fun this game was. I am a super picky gamer.

not every game hits everyone the same. but frankly I wish we could clone the makers of this game so they could work double time at making more indie games that rock as much as E 1 and 2.


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