Eschalon: Book II Walkthrough

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Re: Book II Walkthrough

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IMHO a better walkthrough is at GameBanshee:

Eschalon Book-2 Walkthrough :wink:

The [Locations] link in the side-bar leads to annotated maps.

Each quest page has a map.
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Re: Book II Walkthrough

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tecknode wrote:IMHO a better walkthrough is at GameBanshee:
As I said in the Book I walkthrough thread, that's a little bit rude, tecknode.
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Re: Book II Walkthrough

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Eh - I don't mind, and frankly, I'd rather not have an argument started over it. I wrote the walkthrough more to help some people who were stuck than to be completely thorough and spoil things. I just did that with the Fathamurk walkthrough.

Check out my walkthroughs:
Character: here
Book I: here

Book II: here
Fathamurk: here
Book III: here
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