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Fathamurk Walkthrough

Posted: February 16th, 2013, 2:56 pm
by Vroqren
I always type my walkthroughs in a word processing application first, so if I messed up on any of the BBCode, let me know.
Thanks to everybody who helped me with this Walkthrough! I did a better job of quoting this time.
I'd like to present a walkthrough that is 1.5X as big as the walkthrough for the rest of Book II ever was.

The Secret of Fathamurk Walkthrough

Warning: This guide is full of spoilers! This guide is written for those stumped, stuck, or in some other way unable to complete the challenges presented within Fathamurk.
In this guide I will explain a very detailed way to complete the quest: Escape from Fathamurk.

In this Guide:
X. Key
1. Brief Explanation
2. Recommended Stats and Attributes
3. Recommended Equipment
4. Getting There
1. Monsters
2. The Impassible Portcullis
3. The Diamond Key
4. Entrance to Second Floor
1. Monsters
2. Portcullis Path
3. Room of Scarlet Death
4. Invisible Maze
1. Monsters
2. Blasting Charge Storage
3. Choose the Path of Greatest Resistance
4. Advanced Excavating and Pulverizing Unit
-Defeating the Golem
1. Powder Kegs
2. Plasma Wand
3. Invisibility
4. Escape!
-The Legend
1. Collection of Journals
2. What was the Secret of Fathamurk?

X. Key
Figures that I drew from other sources (which can be found on these forums) will be in quote tags.
Speculations that I have made, or detail on afore mentioned figures will be in cyan, and italics.
Speculations and/or figures that I have been informed of, and added to the walkthrough will be in red, and italics.

1. Brief Explanation
Fathamurk is a dangerous area, that probably should not be attempted by a character less than level 15. The other big concept to understand is, that, in the words of Kreador Freeaxe,
Kreador Freeaxe wrote:Even with Ogre Strength, it's impossible to get it all.
He’s not exaggerating. The amount of loot inside of this dungeon simply weighs too much. Because of this mwindsong wisely suggests that you should leave as much equipment outside as possible. If you don't have the repair skill, your armor will be destroyed, so that is a good place to start when looking for stuff to drop off before entering.
Once you enter the official premise, the portcullis closes behind you, and you cannot leave until you find the exit. I suggest that you make a save in a separate slot, before you enter Fathamurk, so that if something goes devastatingly wrong, you can still get back into the full world.
2. Recommended Stats and Attributes
One thing you need to understand about Fathamurk is that while there is combat involved, most of the challenges have more to do with wits. So, while combat skills are very important, they are not as important as many other assisting skills (Pick Locks, Traps, and Skullduggery). The dungeon is full of traps and locks, so these two skills are an excellent aid in this area. Now, obviously if these skills aren’t part of your build, Lock Melt works as well. I strongly suggest having a high enough level to cast Lock Melt level 6 (Elemental 20) if you plan on doing this because there is no shortage of adamantium locks.
dragonslayer wrote:The chance to disarm a trap successfully is:
Chance to disarm% = skullduggery skill level * 3 + concentration/3 + 60 - Trap Level * 10
Maximum success rate is 99%, minimum success rate is 1%
dragonslayer wrote:Lock picking formula:
Chance to pick% = pick locks skill level * 3 + dexterity/3 + 50 - Lock Level * 10
Maximum success rate is 99%, minimum success rate is 1%
But what does that mean? Nothing really. Not until you add numbers. I'm going to talk about locks, but the same formula applies for Traps, so I'll just add those in brackets.
Let's say you want to unlock [disarm] a level 9 lock [trap], as that is the highest one presented in Fathamurk.
We'll start from the end of the equation and work our way forwards. The lock [trap] is level 9, which, multiplied by 10 is 90. Subtract the 50 [60] free points you are given towards this, and you now have 40 [30]. That means, in order to have any chance higher than 1% of unlocking [disarming] this door [trap], the rest of the equation needs to be higher than 40 [30]. Any number past this is your percent chance of unlocking this.
Now, let's assume the worst. You have never upgraded your Dexterity [Concentration] attribute, and you happened to roll really low. Let's say it's about 9. Dividing that by 3 gives us 3. Meaning, that our Pick Locks [Skullduggery] skill needs to cover the other 37 [27] and beyond. Luckily, our skill level is multiplied by 3. So, to have a 50% chance at unlocking [disarming] a level 9 door [trap], with only 9 Dexterity [Concentration], one must have a skill level of 29 [26]. For every 9 points that one puts into Dexterity [Concentration], they need 1 less point in Pick Locks [Skullduggery].
We can also assume the worst Vice Versa: You barely put any points into Pick Locks [Skullduggery], but you have a really high Dexterity [Concentration]. Unfortunately, you need 9 points in Dexterity [Concentration] to match every point in Pick Locks [Skullduggery]. If you don't think you need a 50% chance ad unlocking [disarming] these doors [traps] than just shoot for the general area. Here are the two charts for level 9 Locks and Traps. (Locks chart is first):

Code: Select all

Pick Locks Level:     Dexterity Level:     Chance to succeed:
-----------------     ----------------     ------------------
9                     66                   9%
9                     63                   8%
9                     60                   7%
9                     57                   6%
10                    66                   12%
10                    63                   11%
10                    60                   10%
10                    57                   9%
11                    66                   15%
11                    63                   14%
11                    60                   13%
11                    57                   12%
12                    66                   18%
12                    63                   17%
12                    60                   16%
12                    57                   15%
13                    66                   21%
13                    63                   20%
13                    60                   19%
13                    57                   18%
14                    45                   17%
14                    42                   16%
14                    39                   15%
14                    36                   14%
15                    45                   20%
15                    42                   19%
15                    39                   18%
15                    36                   17%
16                    45                   23%
16                    42                   22%
16                    39                   21%
16                    36                   20%
17                    24                   19%
17                    21                   18%
17                    18                   17%
17                    15                   16%
18                    24                   22%
18                    21                   21%
18                    28                   20%
18                    15                   19%
19                    24                   25%
19                    21                   24%
19                    28                   23%
19                    15                   22%
20                    24                   28%
20                    21                   27%
20                    18                   26%
20                    15                   25%

Code: Select all

Skullduggery Level:     Concentration Level:     Chance to succeed:
-------------------     --------------------     ------------------
9                     66                   19%
9                     63                   18%
9                     60                   17%
9                     57                   16%
10                    66                   22%
10                    63                   21%
10                    60                   20%
10                    57                   19%
11                    66                   25%
11                    63                   24%
11                    60                   23%
11                    57                   22%
12                    66                   28%
12                    63                   27%
12                    60                   26%
12                    57                   25%
13                    66                   31%
13                    63                   30%
13                    60                   29%
13                    57                   28%
14                    45                   27%
14                    42                   26%
14                    39                   25%
14                    36                   24%
15                    45                   30%
15                    42                   29%
15                    39                   28%
15                    36                   27%
16                    45                   33%
16                    42                   32%
16                    39                   31%
16                    36                   30%
17                    24                   29%
17                    21                   28%
17                    18                   27%
17                    15                   26%
18                    24                   32%
18                    21                   31%
18                    28                   30%
18                    15                   29%
19                    24                   35%
19                    21                   34%
19                    28                   33%
19                    15                   32%
20                    24                   38%
20                    21                   37%
20                    18                   36%
20                    15                   35%
I also strongly recommend a high strength level. As I said earlier, there’s way too much loot. You’ll want to carry as much of it out as possible, so a high strength level is recommended.
Slarty wrote:Max Encumbrance (+4 lbs. per point [in Strength])
Slarty wrote:Max Encumbrance (+2 lbs. per point [in Concentration])
Having level 20 Divination Magic will allow you to cast Ogre Strength level 6. This spell alone will increase your strength by 24, thus increasing the weight you can carry by 96 pounds!
3. Recommended Equipment
Remember about two paragraphs ago (If you can think back that far) when I said that Fathamurk was mostly based on wit? The keyword it that sentence, at the time, was wit. Now, however, I am changing that keyword to mostly. I think you’ll find that there is a fair number of challenging enemies in Fathamurk, so bring equipment for fighting.
Remember about a paragraph ago (I know, it’s hard) when I said you wanted to carry out as much loot as possible? That is still true. So, I strongly suggest that you bring light armor, if any. It sounds crazy to walk into a dungeon with no escape but onwards with no armor, but trust me. If you can make it through, that’s 30-40 extra pounds of loot. That could easily be worth 2000-3000 coins, so trust me. It’s worth it if you can survive without armor. A couple of items that may help you bring out more loot are (contributed by mwindsong):

Code: Select all

Daemonstar (+6 STR, 24 extra lbs.)
Sharpeye Pendant (+5 CON, 10 extra lbs.)
Stonebreaker (+2 STR, 8 extra lbs.)

Code: Select all

Burlar's Gloves (+2 Pick Locks)
Trapper's Gloves (+3 Skullduggery)
Trickster's Gloves (+2 Skullduggery)

Code: Select all

Strongman's Belt (+2 STR, 8extra lbs.)

Code: Select all

Mighty Ring (+6 STR, 24 extra lbs.)
Ring of Intense Focus (+10 CON, 20 extra lbs.)
Ring of the Boar (+4 Foraging, for reagent bags)
*Stats are based on wearing the same ring in both equipment slots

As far as weapons go, Emberdark (Lorewitch, level 3) is an excellent choice for a paladin. It’s light, deals fair damage, and even has a cool name! Mages have it easy, and I’m sorry but rangers, you’ve got it rough. Arrows will weigh you down a lot throughout the dungeon, so I suggest you have some secondary attack style. Also, don’t bring many arrows, if any.
Finally, other equipment you’ll need. Potions of Ogre Strength are an absolute must! I would bring at least 8. The more loot you can carry from place to place, and finally out the door, the better off you’ll be. Potions of Invisibility can also prove useful, though I’ve never personally needed them. If you do bring invisibility potions, I suggest you wait until the fight with the Stone Golem to use them. You may want ingredients for the following other potions if you have alchemy levels. (List provided by mwindsong, in order of alchemy level required:

Code: Select all

Cat's Eyes             =      Noximander Venom    +      Brimstone
Healing Elixir         =      Willow Bark         +      Sulfur
Mana Potion            =      Ambergris           +      Mandrake Root
Detox Serum            =      Belladonna          +      Spider Silk
Keensight              =      Dwarvish Mellowleaf +      Mandrake Root
Haste                  =      Dried Brainstem     +      Mercury
Elixir of Cure Ailment =      Wormleaf            +      Willow Bark
Leatherskin            =      Brimstone           +      Raven's Heart
Ogre Strength          =      Anise               +      Spider Silk
Invisibility           =      Ectoplasm           +      Noximander Venom
Fortify Mana           =      Dried Brainstem     +      Raven's Heart
4. Getting There
North East of Eastwillow there is a house. You may remember it from the bronze quest. In the region north east of the house, there is a quick-travel stone. I suggest you unlock this quick-travel option to the Farrock Monolith. There is a cave entrance nearby. Going through the cave, past the thugs, there is a hallway covered by a wall. Take one of the nearby powder kegs, and place it by the broken looking wall. How you detonate it is your choice, though unless you’re playing as an unarmed combat expert (My favorite play so far), I suggest you don’t punch it. Once the wall is down, follow the path north to the staircase. If, when trying to walk down the staircase, you are told “There is nothing more in this direction -- turn back.” Your game version is not updated. Go to the Basilisk Games website, and download the most recent version of the game. If not, well, then you’re in Fathamurk. Don’t worry though, you can still turn back at this point. It’s not too late until the portcullis closes behind you.

1. Monsters

Code: Select all

Name:            Hitpoints:     Experience:     Necessary Drops:
-----            ----------     -----------     ----------------
Rift Harpies     110            400             No Necessary Drops
Lava Slag        135            419             Candecium Dust, Diamond Key
2. The Impassible Portcullis
When you first walk in, you will notice the body on the floor. I believe he carries something very important. This item is called ‘Candecium Dust’. If I’m wrong, and he doesn’t carry this, take his journal if you wish to. If you don’t want to, I have collected all of the journal writings to the end of the walkthrough. Continue down the passageway until the junction. Head north and take a powder keg for later. Now head back to the intersection, and head south. I’d invite you to save at the room with the lever and portcullis. Go ahead try the lever. Yay, it closes the portcullis. Extremely useful. Open it back up, and walk through the portcullis. I hope you saved like I told you to.
Once you’re back, place the powder keg directly underneath the portcullis and pull the lever. This will destroy the portcullis entirely, allowing you to walk through. Past this is a room with a lot of lava. Walk around a bit, and either with torches, or the brightness modifier found in settings, find and pull a lever. Once you have done this, walk just a little bit south and into the passageway opened by the lever.
3. The Diamond Key
Follow the path all the way down, and you will encounter some Lava Slags. Kill them however you wish, but know that they have a ranged attack that allows them to stand in the middle of the lava to attack you. Follow the scarce path north to the lever, which, again, you will need to pull. After pulling this, head down the southern path, west of the path you came in. I realize that it’s entirely lava you’re walking on. Hopefully you can deal with that. During your encounters with the Lava Slags, if possible, attack them from a distance, as they explode and deal high damage when killed. When killed, Lava Slags will also often drop gems, large and small. Hopefully by now one of them has dropped a Candecium dust. One of the ones in the southern path will drop a diamond key. This is necessary to continue.
Once obtained, this key will open both of the doors in the far north end of the room. Past here is the water pump.
4. Entrance to the Second Floor
From here on out, it’s rather straight forward. There are two paths, one northwest and one southeast. Take the south east path if you’d like to, there’s some extra loot and potential experience down there. If not, head north. Once again, it splits to two different directions: Northeast and Southwest. The northeast path leads nowhere, but the southwest path leads towards the staircase. You’ll notice there is a lever south of the rest of the maze. Pulling this one will cause an energy orb to appear right on top of you, but it will also open a necessary portcullis.
From here walk through the energy orbs that are necessary to get to the levers. Flip both of these, and two of the orbs will turn off. Once you enter the hallway, there are probably a few different options for getting through safely, but one that I recommend is: [NW2, N1, W2, N2, NW1, W1, N1]

1. Monsters

Code: Select all

Name:                      Hitpoints:     Experience:     Necessary Drops:
-----                      ----------     -----------     ----------------
Mutated Assassin Stalk     250            185             No Necessary Drops
Scarlet Death              150            180             No Necessary Drops
2. Portcullis Path
Once you find yourself on the next floor, there will be a red lit room with 4 closed portcullises. Head either direction, north or south. For now I suggest you simply avoid the Assassin Stalks. You can kill them later when it’s more convenient. For now, walk all the way to the end of the passageway interwinding the portcullises. Step on the very last tile, which will activate half of an AND Gate. It will also turn the lights for the section you took green. Walk back around to the other side, which will activate the other half of the AND Gate. The room will now be lit green, and all 4 portcullises will open.
Before you continue, there is a locked chest in the corner of the Southern path you took to open the gates. This chest has a necessary Candecium in it.
Continuing down the path should lead you to a room with a table with papers on it, along with a lot more tables with purple dust on them. Take all of the Candecium dust from these tables. Continuing further, you will find a room with a bunch of chests scattered all over. All of these are empty, except one in the southern side of the room, which has one Candecium dust. You should now have 8 dust, if you don’t, turn back now to find the last one (You may have to go to the previous floor). South West of you is a room with 6 levers in front of it. The answer is easy to see, in the chains on the wall across from the levers, inside the room. If you cannot see inside the room, increase your brightness modifier under settings. The loot in this room is great, but note that the tile in front of every chest in the room is trapped with Dragonbite.
3. Room of Scarlet Death
Work your way south around the pool with the obelisk in the middle. There is an open gate, quickly followed by a closed one. Walk in, and the gate behind you will close, and the gate in front of you opens. Walk into the room, to the far north corner and flip the lever. This is spawn a number of Scarlet Death’s. Kill them however you’d like, though I personally like to lure them through the portcullis in the western end of the room so that only one of them can attack me at a time. Once you’ve killed them all, head north, and you’ll find a room with a strange looking machine in it. Simply click on this machine while standing next to it, and you will place all 8 of your Candecium dust in it. This opens the door to the Invisible Maze.
4. The Invisible Maze
The first thing you should know is that this maze is solvable without any help. It’s challenging, sure, but I’ve done it personally. There are two very easy ways to see where you can and cannot walk. The easiest is to
Lord_P wrote:Enable tactical grid [by] holding tab. It shows all tiles you can walk on.
Another very simple way, is to use this map posted by Prismatic Maelstrom:
Prismatic_Maelstrom wrote:Image
MyGameCompany wrote:If you have enough points in Cartography (I like to have 7-8 points), the invisible path shows up on the map. That makes it pretty easy to navigate.
Make sure you’ve accomplished everything you need to on the second floor before you go downstairs. Once you go down, upon coming back upstairs you will trigger a trap. I have yet to figure out what it does, but it made me fail The True Thief. I don’t even think there’s a way to ‘discover’ this trap.

1. Monsters

Code: Select all

Name:                      Hitpoints:     Experience:     Necessary Drops:
-----                      ----------     -----------     ----------------
Lava Slag                  135            419             Candecium Dust
Mutated Assassin Stalk     250            185             No Necessary Drops
Scarlet Death              150            188             No Necessary Drops
Stone Golem                1000           1000            Small Candecium Crystal
2. Blasting Charge Storage
Follow the path into the intersection room with the large, glass, Candecium looking gem. Head up the north western path, and you will find a sign. It tells you that this is the Blasting Charge Storage room, and that because of a leak, self-sealing doors are in place. So, head north of there, and flip the lever. This opens the doors. The minute you walk into the room, the doors close behind you. Don’t worry about this. You can kill the Lava Slags however you’d like, but I suggest ignoring them for now, and walking around the rocks outside the room. Here you can fight them one at a time, and you don’t risk blowing up any of the powder kegs. Heading further south (Don’t bother with the eastern path yet), you’ll find another sign, along with three closed Portcullises.
3. The Path of Greatest Resistance
There are three options for getting past here. Each different character build has it easier one way or another. My Unarmed Combat Expert, however, dealt with all three excellently. Regardless of which you choose to go through, I suggest opening all three portcullises. That way, if you decide to come back a different way, it’s open on the other side.
The first path is the Assassin Stalks. This path is probably the most challenging to deal with. With my Unarmed Combat expert, I dealt with this path by punching one stalk to death, then running back to camp. Once I had full health again, I went and punched another one. I did this until they were all dead. It’s slow, but offers quite a bit of EXP. The Elemental Spell Dense Nimbus will protect you from some of the damage.
IJBall wrote:The effectiveness of the spell is 40% projectile deflection at casting level 1, with 10% more protection for each additional casting level. [For a maximum of 90%]The duration is 20 rounds per casting level. Note: Dense Nimbus works only when the source of the projectile is greater than one space away. It does not prevent damage from melee weapons, point-blank shots, or magickal projectiles.
Casting this (Level 20 for level 6) will partially protect you from all the spines shot at you from more than 1 space away.
The second path looks completely empty. It’s not though. If you look close enough, you will see Pressure Plates on every tile of the floor. Each of these will attempt to poison you. If you regain 1 HP every turn (Endurance 42 or higher), I suggest this path. Poison damage you receive is X damage (X being the intensity of the poison) every 8 turns. So, if you walk through and get hit with poison ≤8 times, you can just camp it off easily. If it is > 8, you won’t be able to camp it off. It takes too long, even with 250+ HP. The Divination Spell Detox would also allow this path to be the best choice. Level 6 requires level 11 Divination.
IJBall wrote:Removes poisons from the bloodstream of the caster. The higher the casting level, the more powerful the detoxification effect is.
This means it may require more than 1 casting of the spell, according to the intensity of the poison you have.
The final path is filled with lava. If you choose this path, no matter which way you choose to do it, remember to remove leggings and boots before doing so. The easiest of options is to cast Elemental spell: Elemental Armor.
IJBall wrote:Gives the caster an increased level of protection from elements (fire, cold, electricity). Duration of the spell is 75 rounds and the effect is +10% Resistance to Elements per casting level.
Casting Level 6 of this spell requires level 11 Elemental, but will give you a +60% protection to elements. With my Unarmed Expert, I could just walk straight through. I started with 250 HP, came out with about 40 left.
Slarty wrote:ENDURANCE
- HP Regen Rate (up 1 category per 1 point)
- All Four Resistances (about +2% per 2 points)
Slarty wrote:INTELLIGENCE:
- Elemental Resistance (about +2% per 2 points)
This means having a high Endurance and/or Intelligence will make this path easier.
4. Advanced Excavating and Pulverizing Unit
Once past the Path of Greatest Resistance, you will find a ton of chests. The north eastern one is trapped and locked, but none of the other ones are. Search all of them, and you should find 5-6 Candecium. Whichever it is, you should now be at 7. Head back through the path of Greatest resistance, and to the eastern oath. Follow this path, and you should find a cabinet with one more Candecium dust in it. You should now be at 8. Follow the path, and you will arrive back at the room with the glass Candecium Crystal in it. Head down the southern path this time, and you will find another machine. Place all 8 Candecium in it, and it will open the doors that are blocking your progress onward. Enter the cave if you wish, there are some Scarlet Death’s in there, but nothing crucial to the plot. Head further south, around the corners, and you will find the Advanced Excavating and Pulverizing Unit.

Defeating the Golem
1. Powder Kegs
Remember that room with 20+ powder kegs? There’s a really simple way to kill the Stone Golem. I personally have never liked this way, though it does work.
2. Plasma Wand
If you followed Erubor’s advice, headed to Lorewitch and grabbed the Plasma Wand, you’ll find it extremely useful. Many people choose to save it until the end of the game, but it’s your choice. If you have the Unarmed Combat Skill Feat Fury, you’ll find, there is a bug. This bug allows you to use the skill feat with the wand. Kind of cheating, but once again, it’s your choice. I found that with the glitch, I could kill the Golem in five shots. I assume that without the glitch it could take anywhere from four, to all eight. This method is the safest of methods though, as you never have to be in range of the Golem. (Who, by the way, can attack with melee from two spaces away.)
3. Invisibility
If you brought invisibility potions, now is the time to use them. You can attack with any method while you’re invisible. This method is sure, but takes a lot of invisibility potions. If you do attempt this method, I suggest having maximum recharge rate on any and all skill feats you may have (At level 32 in any combat skill with a feat, your feat will recharge every 5th turn.).
4. Escape!
When you have killed the Golem, he drops a Small Candecium Crystal. You’ll notice, the value of just this small crystal is 10,000 coins. Unfortunately, you don’t actually get to keep it. Gather all of your loot together, and decide what you want to keep and what isn’t so important. Head up the northern path from the glass crystal, and place the gem inside the machine. This opens the doors blocking the exit. There is one last area with chests in it, and then you’re out. After re-deciding what loot you want and don’t want, and double checking that you can’t carry anything more, head out. The portal is one-way, so you won’t ever be able to return for the extra loot or exp you missed. Say goodbye! Congratulations on completing the hardest expansion in the game!

The Legend
1. Collection of Journals
Page 1:
“I am thrilled and honored to be selected by the Council of Thaermore to explore and map the dungeon of Fathamurk.
To briefly summarize what I know of this dungeon: it was discovered by Farrock miners nearly thirty years ago during normal excavating procedures. After strange glyphs were found upon the walls, the miners concluded that these mysterious tunnels must be the home of the Orakur and other foul denizens of the underworld. Fearing that they may have inadvertently opened a passageway straight into hell itself, the entrance to the dungeon was quickly sealed off. No one spoke of it again, and eventually time transformed these tunnels into rumor and myth.
Due to growing unrest in Thaermore, I have been instructed to investigate these forgotten tunnels and report back to the Therish Council. Chancellor Malcolm seems convinced that the Orakur are responsible for recent attacks on Therish outposts near the borderlands, and it’s the Council’s hope that my findings confirm these suspicions. I’ve heard from others that there is overwhelming evidence implicating the Goblins in these attacks, but who am I to agree? The Council is paying me 1000 gold for this survey of the Fathamurk dungeon, which I would have gladly done for free- after all, I am an explorer at hear and this is what I love to do!
One further note: I have been informed by the foreman of the mine that I will have one week to complete my survey of the dungeon. If I am not back at the end of the week, the dungeon will be resealed so to allow normal mining operations to continue. The miners are a superstitious bunch and refuse to work while the entrance to Fathamurk is unrestricted.”

Page 3:
“The first notable section of Fathamurk I have reached looks like it might contain some kind of “steam collection device”. Magma flows in through channels on the floor, as does water, and the two elements combine as they fall down into long shafts. It appears that the resulting steam is then collected and routed away by metal pipes, which are knocking loudly under the pressure. What this steam might be used for, I do not know.”

Page 5:
“These doors are simply magnificent! There is certainly no way past them without the proper key, which I was lucky enough to have located.
The key itself is nothing short of treasure: pure adamantium inlaid with a large diamond.. And that is the problem: the Lava Lags which roam this level seem to enjoy very hard metals and minerals, for it is the only substance they can chew on which does not melt. They suck on gems as a child would with candy!
After I accidentally dropped the key, one Lava Slag was quick to grab it and carry it off. Luckily, I had already opened these doors before losing the key. I will continue on for now and try to retrieve the key upon my return.”

Page 14:
“It is clear that these tunnels were masterfully crafted, but when and by whom I do not know. These stones are cut with precision of a magnitude I do not believe even Dwarves posses. Speaking of which, I am no expert on Dwarvish lore, but I do think that some of the glyphs upon these walls bare unmistakable similarities with sacred Dwarvern symbols. Yet, I can certainly understand why the previous miners who visited these tunnels concluded they were the work of the Orakur: other glyphs are completely foreign to me, as if they belong to an entirely unknown race of sentient people.
All of this brings back memories of my history studies of the Plague Wars: could there actually be a kinship link between the Dwarves and these Orakur?”

Page 19:
“This is an incredible feat of engineering! What I thought was a steam collection device is actually something quite different. It now appears to me to be a large alchemist’s condenser. I have learned by examining the wall glyphs that the magma from the level above contains some kind of crystalized mineral. When the magma is rapidly cooled, it releases vapor that is filled with find crystal particles. Miles of copper pipes then cool and condense the vapor so that when it reaches this area, the crystal dust falls freely from the compressed gas, setting upon these tables.
The crystal mineral appears to be referred to as “Candecium” and it has properties that are beyond my understand, though I believe the dust is charged with strong magick - it glows faintly with the same aura that I’ve seen surrounding powerful magick weapons and rings.”

Page 21:
“It appears that my exploration forward ends here, at these sealed doors. I have surmised that the odd device in the adjacent room operates on Candecium- with the proper amount of Candecium, the device might do almost anything that its creator wishes. In this case, I believe that it would raise these steel doors. I do not have access to anymore Candecium except for that which I have already collected. My torches are running low. I must head back and try to find a way to return to the surface.
I’m sure the evidence that I have gathered will be enough to convince the Therish Council to fun a return expedition, perhaps with additional support personnel.”

Page 32:
“I am trapped. I can go no further forward in this dungeon, nor can I return to the entrance because of this closed gate. Even if I were to find a way past this gate, the miners would have already fulfilled their duty of resealing the entrance of the dungeon as my return is now several days past due.
My food and water supplies are exhausted. It is clear that my fate is sealed: I am to become part of Fathamurk forever. I should not be saddened by this destiny, for I am an explorer and such are the risks associated with my profession. My only wish is that I could have one more day at my home in Vela, to sit on the dock with my pipe and watch the fishermen bring in their evening catch.”

2. What was the Secret of Fathamurk?
Now that you're done with this, are you satisfied? Let me answer that for you: no, you're not. You want to know more. Fathamurk brings up so many questions, and you need more! Well, what do you really think the secret was? The subject is being discussed thoroughly here.

As always, I’m extremely open to correction. If you find any mistakes in the guide, please PM with a subject of: Walkthrough Correction (or something along those lines)

Re: Fathamurk Walkthrough

Posted: March 8th, 2013, 6:07 pm
by Vroqren
I hate to bump, but it's been 3 weeks, and nothing has really happened here. Do you guys have no opinion about this? I really love to see what you guys think.
And can we please get this stickied? I'd rather it not get lost in the abyss of this board.

Re: Fathamurk Walkthrough

Posted: March 8th, 2013, 7:02 pm
by Randomizer
Added it to Strategy Central below the general walkthrough so at least it can be found.

Re: Fathamurk Walkthrough

Posted: March 8th, 2013, 11:54 pm
by Lord_P
You needed some opinions?

"I'm quoted! Yay!" :lol:

Re: Fathamurk Walkthrough

Posted: March 13th, 2013, 6:05 pm
by mwindsong
That was a really good walkthrough. I know many will appreciate it even if they haven't said so. You guys were a great help to me when I was bouncing around in there. Thank you very much. :D

Re: Fathamurk Walkthrough

Posted: March 15th, 2013, 8:28 pm
by MyGameCompany
One additional tip regarding the invisible maze: if you have enough points in Cartography (I like to have 7-8 points), the invisible path shows up on the map. That makes it pretty easy to navigate. I've never had to turn on floor tiles (didn't even know I could do that) or walk it by trial-and-error.

Re: Fathamurk Walkthrough

Posted: March 15th, 2013, 11:39 pm
by Vroqren
That's good to know, thanks. I never bothered with a level higher than 5, so that explains why I didn't know that.
EDIT: Alright, quoted.

Re: Fathamurk Walkthrough

Posted: March 16th, 2013, 8:14 am
by mwindsong
Oh yeah, cartography is another favorite skill, for that exact reason. I never had to guess about where the heck I was once I got it up to 7 or 8. That was really useful in not just Fathamurk, but even at level 2 or 3 it makes life much easier in the caves of Farrock and the sewers of Kuudad. It's also nice for when you've forgotten where the turn off from the path to the archer is… not near as much bumbling about hoping you find things again. :wink:

Re: Fathamurk Walkthrough

Posted: March 16th, 2013, 9:33 am
by mwindsong
Apologies if this is considered 'bumping'. I thought I would add a few tidbits to your walkthrough Vrogren. I'm trying to keep them labeled to the same sections you have them in, but I defer to your excellent skills in organizing the info. So here goes:


General - Leave as much stuff outside Fathamurk as you can, including some of your armor since if you don't have a repair skill the lava will destroy most armor anyway.

3. Equipment - Some additional accouterments that are useful are Mighty Ring (+3 strength), Strongman Belt (+? strength), Daemonstar Amulet (+6 strength), Burglar Gloves to go with the lock picks if you plan on using that method, and Ring of the Boar (+2 foraging) so you can continue to acquire reagents as you go.

Take a lot more extra reagents for some specific potions so you can refill the flasks as you use them. That way you become lighter as you go, but you need an alchemy of at least 9 to do all of these potions.
The best potions to have would be (listed in order of alchemy level):
Cat's Eyes - Noximander Venom + Brimstone
Healing Elixir - Willow Bark + Sulfur
Mana Potion - Ambergris + Mandrake Root
Detox Serum - Belladonna + Spider Silk
Potion of Keensight - Dwarvish Mellowleaf + Mandrake Root
Potion of Haste - Dried Brainstem + Mercury
Elixir of Cure Ailment - Wormleaf + Willow Bark
Potion of Leatherskin - Brimstone + Raven's Heart
Potion of Ogre Strength - Anise + Spider Silk
Invisibility - Ectoplasm + Noximander Venom
Potion to Fortify Mana - Dried Brainstem + Raven's Heart
Kill lava slags at a distance if possible to reduce the damage you take so you aren't using up healing potions too quickly. Have a Repair skill level of at least 1 or 2 so your weapon of choice and armor don't disintegrate before you get out of Fathamurk. The door really does require the Diamond Key. Weapons or other methods of destruction do not work, and if you try lock pick or a lock melt spell it will claim that the door isn't locked. Hardy, har, har, gee that's why I needed the diamond key… because it isn't locked?

2. Blasting Charge Room - Before you enter, camp and leave as much as possible outside near the glass Candecium Crystal in the 'foraging' bag created. You can pick it up again later just before exiting Fathamurk. As Vrogren said, go straight through the room and out the other side. Kill the lava slags out here to preserve the powder kegs, and consequently not blow yourself to smithereens. :wink: After you've killed all the lava slags, you can methodically (and yes somewhat tediously) cart the powder kegs to the area outside the path with the Assassin Stalks. Use the invisibility potion to run back and forth placing the kegs next to each stalk. Then use a distance weapon or spell to ignite the kegs you put in so far to help eliminate the stalks or at least seriously damage them for an easier kill. You should still have at least a few powder kegs left over to use with the stone golem.

Hopefully that info was useful. It was basically the best method I could come up with at the time I went through. I was using a jack of all trades character; which, I suspect made it a bit more of a challenge than some.

Re: Fathamurk Walkthrough

Posted: March 16th, 2013, 11:05 am
by Vroqren
Thank you for the updates! I will add them to the walkthrough as soon as I've got a minute to spare. I'll be pretty busy all day today, but hopefully I can do it tonight.

Re: Fathamurk Walkthrough

Posted: March 18th, 2013, 8:44 am
by Vroqren
Alright, I added your info, once again: thanks for it.
Sorry it took me so long.

Re: Fathamurk Walkthrough

Posted: March 18th, 2013, 1:11 pm
by mwindsong
That's wonderful. Glad I could be of help this time, instead of begging for help.

Re: Fathamurk Walkthrough

Posted: April 4th, 2013, 10:32 pm
by anderson
Hi, I've killed the Golem but he didn't drop anything!

The box was empty! :shock:

How can I get out of the dungeon now?

Re: Fathamurk Walkthrough

Posted: April 5th, 2013, 11:04 pm
by Vroqren
Interesting. Forgive the word choice, as I realize that probably wasn't your first thought. It is though. I have never heard of this happening. I'm thrown for a loop. You can always use the map editor to move your player out, but I understand not feeling completely right about that. If you have any saves before you entered the third floor, try loading those. If you get back to the Golem, and he still does not drop anything (As sad as it sound,) I think your best option is to try another reload before you entered the dungeon at all. Once we get your problem solved, I'll be sure to add it to the walkthrough, as that could and would be frightening to many players.
Just to be sure: He dropped a bag, but there was nothing in it? Or did he not drop the bag at all?

If anybody else has any idea what went wrong, please say so.

Re: Fathamurk Walkthrough

Posted: April 5th, 2013, 11:21 pm
by Lord_P
I have no idea what went wrong, but try the following:

Open Onyxium with the map editor. Create a container somewhere. Now add an item inside the container. Do nothing else to the item but name it Small Candecium Crystal.

Do not keep the editor running when you start the game. This can and will corrupt your save. Open the container. You will find the Small Candecium Crystal with the right properties, even though you didn't specify it's icon or anything.