All locations of "Über items"

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All locations of "Über items"

Post by Ssschah » July 10th, 2014, 3:26 pm

For those items that increase their durability the higher in level you are when you find them. Not sure if there is already a list for these, so I might as well list the ones I've found in my time playing this game (if I've forgotten a few, please add on below).
  • Chests to come back for at level 20 (?) or above in Eschalon Book II:
    Minus at Greenlake (gloves).
    Corpse in well under Eastwillow (cloak and sandals).
    Julian in well under Eastwillow (knife in nearby chest).
    Graveyard West of Xed (coif, chest armor, and boots).
    Eastern Port Kuudad Blacksmith back area with longsword (and axe?).
    Zeblin's Lair chest (best bow in the game).
    Jaw Breaker the Blacksmith chest (longsword and axe).
    Westwillow weapon racks (axe).
    Necromancer's foggy area chest (machete and knife).
    Durnore, Lord Brumbleton's back room (boots and hammer).
    Southern Thundersun Grazeland North-Western chest (javelins and harpoon).

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