CrazyBernie's Laptop Fire Sale! Oh noes!

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CrazyBernie's Laptop Fire Sale! Oh noes!

Post by CrazyBernie »

I thought I'd mention it here, since we're all gamers... but I've decided to sell my 3 year old gaming laptop that I recently performed some sweet upgrades on. It's an Asus Republic of Gamers 14" laptop that weighs just under 5.5LBS, so it's not too heavy. For me it's in the perfect range for portability while still having good performance. It's got the following specs:

14" 1366x768 LCD Display
Intel Core i5 3230M @ 2.6GHz
16GB of Crucial DDR3 1600 (Upgraded from 8GB )
480GB Sandisk Ultra II SSD (Upgraded from a 750GB spindle drive)
Intel 802.11ac Wifi w/Bluetooth 4.0 (Upgraded from 802.11n w/BT 3.0)
GeForce GTX 660M GPU w/ 2GB GDDR5
Windows 10 Home (Upgraded from 8.1)
3 USB 3.0 ports (one with SuperCharge - can charge a cell phone while the laptop's off)
1 HDMI port
1 MiniDisplayPort
1 Gigabit ethernet jack
1 MMC/SD/MS card reader
1 VGA port
1 Microphone jack
1 Headphone jack

This thing will play old games, new games, and everything in between. The smaller screen with its lower resolution plays a factor in the newer games, but I've enjoyed everything from all genres and it's never let me down. It's super fast with the Ultra II SSD - upgrading it made a massive response-time improvement in my eyes. I'm including a metric ton of extras for gamers on the road:

- The original 750GB hard drive in a USB 2.0 Enclosure
- A Logitech G700S wireless, rechargeable gaming mouse
- An HDMI Cable
- A mini-to-regular DisplayPort cable
- A spare power supply - giving you one for home and one for travel!
- An Xbox 360 Wired controller
- A portable Wireless-N router with rechargeable battery
- An 8GB flash drive with the Windows 10 install should you need to reload it. Also has the installs for Office (You'll need an account to use once you install), Chrome, FireFox, and AVG Free Edition.
- A sweet eBags TLS Slim Professional backpack - you can stuff everything in it (besides the spare power cord - why would you do that?) and it barely looks like it has anything.

I'm selling it on eBay, with a Buy It Now of $699 and free shipping, with an extra bonus: If the Buy It Now option is used I'll throw in these additional goodies:

Wireless 8-Speaker Headphones (Bluetooth 4.0, 3 drivers an 1 woofer per ear - it's not surround but sounds pretty sweet)
A Bluetooth 8bitdo NES30, Nintendo style gamepad with the same button layout as an SNES gamepad
An additional 128GB SSD in an additional USB 2.0 enclosure
10 Steam games

As an additional bonus... if someone from the forums here snatches it up... I'll double the Steam games offer! That's 20 Steam games! But wait! There's more!!! :mrgreen: Some of the keys I can gift are for bundles - so you could get up to 4-5 games per key! My gluttony is your gain! Amazing!! :roll:


Don't worry... I'm not exiting the gaming world... but to celebrate my recent contract-to-permanent employee status, I purchased a new laptop. Admittedly it was an impulse buy, since I had just upgraded the Asus, but them's the breaks, right?

Here's a link (it won't be active until 11am PDT):

Here's the bundle:
0614162000a.jpg (184.86 KiB) Viewed 7792 times
0614162052.jpg (243.47 KiB) Viewed 7792 times
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Re: CrazyBernie's Laptop Fire Sale! Oh noes!

Post by BasiliskWrangler »

Looks great, Bernie! I have a storage closet filled with old computers and equipment, and I have had great success selling it all on eBay. In fact I just built a new development/gaming PC with twin GTX 1080s, and 90% of the money for that build came from selling old computers and peripherals that were just piling up storage.

Good luck man!
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