How many games have you finished so far?

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Re: How many games have you finished so far?

Post by iamrichard »

For me, the question need to be asked backwards. There arent many games i have NOT played. I playing games since i was 11 on an amiga 500. Now 22years later iam still playing. Lately its more TBS and RPG that makes me tick.
So lets say i played around 230 different titles?

no iam not an addict :shock:
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Re: How many games have you finished so far?

Post by Hexhammer »

Wheew, what a cuestion.

The thing is i've been playing PC games since 1992, played tons of games but finished small portion of those. And what comes to those i've finished, i'm a fanatic. :mrgreen: Well, not a fanatic, but an addict, almost. Nah, i just enjoy wasting time with good games.

I go retro mostly, to list a few i've been though so far...

Quake II
Doom II
Raptor - Call of the shadows
Dune II
Command & Concuer
Red Alert
Space quests series, all but 7th..
enormous amount of HOMM2 & HOMM3
Hexen II & Portal of Praevus
Lot of Steel Panther series & Panzer general
Barbarian (Anybody remember this relic?)
Death Rally
Assault Trooper
Endless hours of Slicks 'n' Slide
And heck of a stack of games i don't remember at the moment...

Newer games... hmm.. Fallout3.
Eschalon Book I, almost, just the final few things i haven't been through yet, i'm too eager to try new characters all the time. :D

My problem with actually finishing games is that i usually move quite fast on other games and with the best few i spend endless hours.

To the CRPG genre i'm quite new. Eschalon is the game which blew my mind totally to true rgp games. I have always enjoyed games with rpg elements... For example Korax project, Hexen with slight rpg feel and HOMM series.
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Re: How many games have you finished so far?

Post by crumejack »

I have never not finished a game I started playing mostly because i am very selective of what i start playing, one of the reasons I will never play WoW, there is no END!
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Re: How many games have you finished so far?

Post by Shadowstep »

I have finished loads of games so I put only the best games =)

Handheld electronic games (really OldSkool stuff)
Nintendo, Donkey Kong (it was two decker and it was cool in '80s 8) )

Mr. Robot
Pit Stop (or was it with C64... well, let say that some Formula game for C-16 that looked like Pit Stop. This was probably the first computer game that I ever played and I didn't understand english at the time) :lol:

Pirates! (Well, I found all the family members and the lost inca treasures)
Stealth Fighter (excluded "cold war") :roll:

Amiga 500
Super Frog (best platform game ever)
AD&D Gold Box (Pool of Radiance, Pools of Darkness, Curse of the Azure Bonds...)

TES (Arena,Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion)
Fallout 1-3
Ultima 1-7
Warlords 1,2
Eschalon Book I and II
Wing Commander 1-4
NFS Most Wanted
Castle of the Winds
BG 1 (with TotSC)
BG 2 (with ToB)
NWN 1 (SoU and HotU)
Small indie RPG's that I don't even recall anymore + lots of "neverending games" like SimCity etc.
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Re: How many games have you finished so far?

Post by blatherbeard »

Finished? Thats tough to remember at 45.

But i really have a big problem finishing games as well.
Far Cry
Far cry 3(almost twice)
Diablo(many times)
Diablo 2(many MORE times)
Morrowind(does it really ever end, NO.)
Skyrim(main quest but see morrowind)
Medal of honor
Max Payne
Max payne 2
Deus EX
Chrono Trigger(again several times as you wouldnt get all the endings if y ou didnt)
Titan Quest
Breath of Fire
BReath of Fire III
Dragon Warrior
Tomb raider(original)
Tomb raider 2
Tomb Raider 3
Uncharted 2
Uncharted 3
Doom II
Eschalon I
ESchalon II
Fallout I
Fallout II
Fallout 3
Neverwinter Nights
Red FAction
Rise of the TRiad (original)
Duke Nukem(again original)
Serious sam

and im sure i have more but thats just off the top of my head.

and really thats WAY more than i actually thought i completed. Just imagine how many ive not completed since ive at least played every sequel made to any game i listed if there was one.

ps. forgot Legend of Gaia and Legend of Mana.
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Re: How many games have you finished so far?

Post by Leezar »

I will list only cool games, so you think Im cool. 8)
In no particular order

Double Dragon (on gameboy)
Defenders of the crown (on amiga 8) )
Doom Troopers (with the proper emulator so the music isnt fucked up 8) - most emulators can only handle 4 of 6 channels or whatever, so the music sounds like shit)
The Guardian Legend
Marathon Infinity
Myth II
Max Payne
Red Steel 2
Warlords (the black and white one on MAC)
Warlords Battlecry II - please note that this was released BEFORE warcraft III, Blizzard basically stole a shitload from this game, and did it WORSE!!!
Bubble Bobble and "Bubble bobble 2", some rainbow stuffs game
Ur-Quan Masters
Escape Velocity
Pipe dreams
Ultima. (No, not the shitty ones - whiich would be all of them except the real one. The one made in hypercard, ending after only two levels with a plea for money. And, was never finished. Because I am that boss 8) )
Shufflepuck Cafe
Ikari Warriors
Champions of Norrath
Gauntlet (No, not the shitty one on amiga, the PS2 one)
Smash TV
Kings Bounty (The MAC freeware one)

...and of course, all the popular titles, like BG and FFVII and KOTOR etc etc etc.
This list is of course very incomplete, but I forget.
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Re: How many games have you finished so far?

Post by Weird Heather »

I am another of those old farts who has been playing games for a long time. I go back to the 1970s, and probably the first game I finished was Adventure on the Atari 2600.

During my teenage years, when I played games regularly on the Atari 800, I finished the first four games of the Ultima series, many of the Infocom games, including the Zork and Enchanter series, Wizard's Crown, Realm of Impossibility, M.U.L.E., and many others that I'm forgetting right now.

Since then, I have finished more of the games in the Ultima series - V, VI, VII, Underworld I and II, Savage Empire, and Martian Dreams. (I probably won't finish Ultima VIII and won't play Ultima IX; they have too many problems.) I have also finished more of the Infocom games and some other text adventures. I have finished some of Spiderweb's games (Avernum: Escape from the Pit and the first two of the Avadon series). I have also completed Avernum 4, 5, and 6, but I used cheats to make the repetitive and long battles go more quickly, so they don't entirely count. I have finished all three Eschalon games. Aside from these, there are plenty of others that I'm not thinking of at the moment.
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Re: How many games have you finished so far?

Post by blatherbeard »

ooh i forgot to include my atari 2600 and Texas Intruments games.

and ill continue to forget them LOL
The armies joined in a bloody battle on this fine day, then storm clouds broke, and it rained.

So they all went home.---Story knots within blatherbeards Beard.
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Re: How many games have you finished so far?

Post by Evnissyen »

Oh, hell, this isn't gonna take some thinking. (Note, though: I have no consoles, though I know it means I'm missing out... and including the ones I played as a kid would be insane):

Alphabetical Order, will probably forget some:

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Arcanum (STARS!)
Avenum IV, Avernum V (twice)
Dear Esther
Diablo II
Dragon Age (A second time only partway through)
Eschalon (twice), Eschalon II (twice)
Geneforge III (maybe four times... seriously), Geneforge IV (twice)
Jade Empire (STARS!)
The Longest Adventure (STARS!)
Mass Effect 2
Neverwinter Nights
Neverwinter Nights 2
Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayor (STARS!)
(NWN2 mods)
Planescape: Torment (STARS!)
Septerra Core (lots of serious problems)
Syberia II
To the Moon
Vampire: Bloodlines (Once all the way through, several times partway through)
The Witcher (STARS!)
The Witcher 2 (twice) (STARS!)

Avernum VI
Baldur's Gate (got bored)
Dungeon Keeper 2
Longest Journey or the Syberia series, these puzzles game-stopping puzzles don't make logical sense... and their lockpicking puzzle? I was lucky I didn't have a stroke)
Pathologic (fascinating, but the story isn't totally rivetting (well, maybe I haven't played it with the right mindset) and the rendering is difficult to get past in this particular case... I know that sounds bad) (Although... there're some really interesting lines (due to non-stellar translation, I'm guessing) and the opening sequence is absolutely extraordinary... in my opinion, this game has the best opening sequence of any game I've every played.)
Penumbra: Overture
Shadows of Destiny
Still Life II (annoying as hell... I got most of the way through but gave up at this insane puzzle... unlike, say, The Temple of Elemental Evil (Pretty, nice music, but tough to the point of annoying (only two spells and you forget them immediately, and have to limp back to town all but dead, having defeated nothing? I suppose this is supposed to be "D&D rules" or whatever, but I always thought those rules were idiotic. The vast majority of CRPG's have been adapting them more more sensibly, in my opinion... maybe just me)
The Whispered World
Zork: Grand Inquisitor
(and a bunch of free RPGMaker games)

Divine Divinity (I find it hard to get past its similarity to Diablo)
Divinity II (Ugh, I'm sorry I bought it)
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