Vechs Music (Minecraft)

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Vechs Music (Minecraft)

Post by Vroqren » December 11th, 2012, 6:57 pm

I know it has been brought up before that the person who writes music for the eschalon games is loose with letting people use it. Anyway, I was watching a Youtube video by Vech's (Famous map-maker), and he used one of the songs from Book II. As soon as the video started I recognized the music and thought: "Did I leave Eschalon open?" Turns out I didn't. Anyway, Vechs has 62,000 Youtube subscribers, and showed where he got the music he used at the end of the video. I was wondering if this meant we might suddenly get surge in Eschalon players? If so, thank you Vechs!

Here's the video he posted by the way. ... e=g-subs-u

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