Critique of Eschalon - Learning Cliffs, and real strategy

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Re: Critique of Eschalon - Learning Cliffs, and real strateg

Post by BasiliskWrangler » April 6th, 2013, 7:49 am

Aaaand, this is when we lock the topic.

Forum maintenance 101: when a thread has gone off topic, or said topic has been discussed at length, lock the topic to prevent subject drift. This topic should have ended before Wraith_Magus started with the food post on page 2; that should have been put in a separate topic.

This thread has gotten too large to be of value to anyone - it is very hard to locate any valuable information in it. As well, it is littered with angry responses.

Okay, so let's go over some rules:

#4) Trolls will not be tolerated. @Wraith_Magus: have you ever been accused of being a troll, other than here on these forums? The thing is, it's hard to engage in a conversation with you when you insult the people you are conversing with. I know- you don't see what I am talking've never insulted anyone, right? The thing is, everyone here is an Eschalon fan, so when you start calling a game that they enjoy "too simple and boring to be fun" or any of the other negative comments, then a lot of people take that as a personal attack. Do you understand what I am saying? Let's say you really loved the movie "Jaws", and you hung out in a Jaws forum where enthusiasts talked about the movie, and someone came in and started pointing out all the flaws: the shark looked fake, Great Whites never grow that big, sharks don't have that kind of aggressive feeding habits, etc. Do you see how that insults the fans of the movie? It's not going to change the opinion of the fans, and it just makes for angry people. Same thing has occurred here. This is the basis for trollism.

So, my suggestion to you, Wraith_Magus, is to start new topics for each idea you want to discuss. Before you post, read your text through a couple times- really think about what you are saying. Are you trying to be constructive? Are you offering real suggestions for improvements? Have you used negative words or phases that will cause people to become defensive over their preference of these games?

This topic covers, in great detail, the reasons you dislike some of the strategic aspects of Eschalon, right? So let's not litter up other posts by repeating this. Engage others with positive, constructive ideas and you will get a much better response.
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