Here Comes A New Fan!

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Here Comes A New Fan!

Post by Larec »

I've been following this site (and the game) since it was first mentioned on rpgdot...and I have been waiting impatiently for its release ever since.

I'm happy to see small developers like Basilisk making RPGs like this. Partly because it proves that the "little guy" spirit isn't dead (Garriott and Fargo got their start this way) and also because these types of CRPGs simply aren't created anymore by the "big guys".

I'm telling everyone I know to come here, so hopefully they'll register. Or at least try the game once it comes out. :)
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Post by BasiliskWrangler »

Thank you very much, Larec!! Welcome to the club!
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Post by Sanctus »

Yeah Wecome to the club
Have fun here (while wee wait for the game)
May the sky never fall on your head
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Post by Dragonlady »

Welcome! The more the merrier! :P
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