Favorite moment in the Eschalon series?

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Re: Favorite moment in the Eschalon series?

Post by Lord_P » June 6th, 2013, 12:57 am

There is one thing I like above all else in Eschalon:

Atmosphere, the greatest part of the series. Places with good atmosphere would be... almost every place in Eschalon, but special mentions go to Vela, Grimmhold, Tangletree Ossuary, Eversleep cemetery, the Salted Coast, Tangletree forest, Whistling Cave, the Barrens of Crakamir, Goblin citadel and Rotwood, Darkford, Hammerlorne, Ironpool dam, Westwillow, Forsaken Coast, Port Kuudad, Port Kuudad sewers, Nor'land, Coppervein Rift, Fellpine forest, Wolfenwood, Fathamurk, Amirenth, Lorewitch and Talushorn.

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Re: Favorite moment in the Eschalon series?

Post by Vroqren » June 6th, 2013, 1:22 am

My favorite moments from each game have both already been mentioned, but it doesn't hurt to mention them again:

Book I: The attack on the Goblin Citadel, was easily my favorite. I loved being able to fight against tons of goblins, get tons of experriencce, all while having the giants help. And then, when I was done fighting the goblins, I would kill all of the giants in the citadel, and in the town simply for experience. In fact, I would always save right before the huge fight in the citadel, just to replay it over and over again. That flask of Incinerator Fuel... I still remember the bug I found one game, where I could throw it as many times as I wanted, and it never left my inventory... I certainly wouldn't use thatagainst the guards for destoyers ending...
The one other moment from Book I that still sticks out in my mind is entering the Underground Repository. Just the ambiance of that room, and the heavy plot laid in there.

Book II I have played quite a few more times than I have played Book I, so I have some better memories of it. I feel cliche saying it, but Fathamurk was my absolute favorite part of the game. That and Lorewitch. I love the challenges that don't just require brute force, but actual wit. Challenges that make you plan out each move you make, rather than just the stats your character has. Don't get me wrong, I love a difficult boss fight, but it's great when you need to work to get to the boss, rather than just waltzing in.
One of my favorite parts of Fathamurk is that there are so manyy different styles of completing it, but the end goal is the same: get as much loot as possible. That makes for great walkthroughs.

I have already spoken too long, but the final thing from Book II that I love was the names weapons. In Book I, there was tthe best sword in the game, beyond question. No sword was better than 'Divine Ore Great Sword'. In Book II, there were 15 different 'best weapons' (arguably), most for a different fighting class. I absolutely loved that, and especially Emberdark. I love that sword, but end game, I always swapped to Hellrime, simply because I could. That concept of letting the player decide which weapon is best, is what I love most about the named weapons.

My favorite things about this game are heavily encouraged by the Walkthrough's I write. I love to write them, and the more detailed I can make them the better. That really influences what I enjoy in these games, is how I can best describe it.

EDIT: I remembered two other things that I really loved about the series, but as nobody had posted anything after me here, I ffigured I would just keep them in the same topic:
In Book I: The different possible endings. I love that factor in a game, though I'm not sure whether it would be a good idea or a really bad one for the final game in a series.
In Book II: The different regions. Not like the square maps, but the different kinds of terrain and such. I loved exploring Norland, it was so fun to find that snowy land. If there were more places like that, sort of like deserts, jungles (SPOILER: Obviously there's a jungle), volcanic lands, etc.

TL;DR: Goblin Citadel, Underground Repository, Fathamurk, Lorewhich, Named Weapons, Walkthrough.

Check out my walkthroughs:
Character: here
Book I: here

Book II: here
Fathamurk: here
Book III: here
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Re: Favorite moment in the Eschalon series?

Post by MyGameCompany » June 6th, 2013, 8:03 pm

Most of my favorites have already been mentioned, but for the record:

I loved Grimmhold. Not being able to enter it in the demo was a big hook into getting me to buy. And I wasn't disappointed. Going into the ruins and discovering it had been overrun by goblins was thrilling.

The underground repository, and everything leading up to it (the amulet, the little hidden areas around the city, etc). Super cool!

Storming the goblin citadel with the giants was awesome. You need a big battle like that for the finale of B3.

The mines in Book 2, with Jawbreaker's shop and the hidden dungeon of Fathamurk. I love finding hidden gems along the wall. Ditto for the Hive Queen's lair.

Port Kuudad. Big city, lots of shops. I'd like to see more specialty shops selling super high end equipment. Gives you something to aspire to!

The goliath boreheads! And learning they had overrun the town where you're searching for Sparrow. Had to get through them to reach the town. Very exciting battling her while boreheads were just outside the door. Felt epic!

So many other things I could mention, but those are the ones that I can remember off the top of my head...
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