Post apocalyptic Sci-Fi/Fantasy Game? Think RIFTS...

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Post apocalyptic Sci-Fi/Fantasy Game? Think RIFTS...

Post by Noizemonger » August 6th, 2013, 12:18 pm

Hey I just beat book 1 it was fun and I will now buy book 2!

Now what about creating one with a world similar to Rifts or Gamma World pen and paper RPG??

I'm an old player of the RIFTS game and always thought it would be awesome to play as a pc game set up the same way you did these titles!...of course you would have to change a few things for copy write issues, but who really owns imagination ...well I would buy it if you made it!! This is how I get to play RPGs with a band, job and family Hell my band will write a song for the intro if, but seriously thank you for this wonderful game!
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