Happy New Year Everyone!

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Re: Happy New Year Everyone!

Post by BasiliskWrangler »

1) Work smart, not hard.
2) Live healthier (more exercise, better food choices)
3) Play more games. I used to be a real "gamer" (someone who played games regularly). Then I started making them and nearly completely stopped playing. I think the only way to be a successful game developer is to be a true gamer. Hence, for 2015, I plan on spending a few hours per week playing the latest indie games, trying out the latest popular RPGs, and discovering interesting games that are outside the mainstream buzz.
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Re: Happy New Year Everyone!

Post by Painted Lady »

Thomas, thank you so much for providing all of us with three terrific games to play. I have received many hours of fun with your creations. Please keep us all in the loop regarding your new projects. And please continue to make great games for all of us to enjoy.

So, my resolution is to keep track of what you are up to - I'm sure it will be terrific fun, no matter what genre you tackle next.
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Re: Happy New Year Everyone!

Post by quasimodo »

Thomas in regards to your resolution 3). If you want an interesting indie game try NEO Scavenger its really well done and the most fun I've had gaming in years.
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Re: Happy New Year Everyone!

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Happy New Year!

I was away from my computer for the last couple weeks, enjoying this whole life thing. Here's to rewarding work, fun games, and great joys in the year to come.

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Re: Happy New Year Everyone!

Post by Leezar »

Happy new year!

Here are my suggestions for new year vows;

4. "Be all that you can be", "Carpe diem", "Always say "Yes"", or some equally catchy phrase like that; try as different variety of stuff as you can, even things you believe will be boring.
5. Lay on the beach or meditate or whatever on regular basis
6. Always carry around a notebook and a pen

I speak from life experience. Almost all of my best ideas come as "lightning strikes" but then quickly fades. Experiencing much and then chilling (=force your brain to wander aimlessly, as there is nothing to focus on save the waves or whatnots) maximize the number of "lightning strikes" and a pen and paper ensures you will not lose them.

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