Hastened Riposte

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Hastened Riposte

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I just noticed a bug/exploit (and sorry if this has been mentioned before somewhere I didn´t look) that, if you are hasted, enables you to perform the sword feat "Riposte" every round. Here is how you do it:

1. Cast Haste
2. Use the feat on an enemy
3. strike normaly / do something else just don´t use the feat again (yes this can be done)
4. Repeat step 2 and 3 until Haste ends.

You will not be able to actually do a riposte (counterattack with base attack of the sword), but every round you will get a guaranteed hit.

First, I guessed that this happens because the feat starts its countdown after an actual counterattack has been made, but if you use the feat (hasted or not) to strike a killing blow to a solitary enemy (which means no counterattacks), the feat is inactivated and starts its countdown again.

I haven´t tried this with the other feats at all, so you are welcome to share your hastened experiences.
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