Fixes and Requests for 1.05

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Re: Fixes and Requests for 1.05

Post by IJBall » August 4th, 2010, 6:14 pm

Farwalker wrote:
Rowanas wrote:Because the wall and floor colours are exactly the same, so you are still revealing the walls, you just can't tell that because they appear to be floors.
Ah, so it's not a bug, it's a feature? :wink:
If the 'cave walls' aren't a different color or shade than the floor, I'm going to consider it to be an "underdeveloped" feature, then! :P :wink:

(I was going to request that open barrels get a unique color in Cartography, like they did in Book I. I guess I'll add 'cave walls' to my request as well! :mrgreen: )

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Re: Fixes and Requests for 1.05

Post by Rowanas » August 5th, 2010, 5:56 am

I've got a suggestion. It's overlooked, but I think it's important to the game.

So, there I was, camping north of Edon for the XP filled piñatas we call Rift Harpies, hacking away at full strength against anything nearby, and occasionally miming out the actions of my glorious hero to help me imagine the scene (yeah, I do that. It's the only exercise I get on a lazy day) and it hit me how preposterous it is that my hero can fend off all of those birds, swooping and scratching, while also hitting one of them AND riposting the rest.

I know heroes are supposed to be glorious and awesome, but it's getting a bit silly. To deal with this, I'd like to suggest that grouping up be bad for our protagonist. The more creatures around you, the harder it is to dodge them all.

Ever wondered how the hero manages to attack with 80% Hit Chance, while dodging two Taurax Legionnaires and a trio of javelin throwers? I have, and it just doesn't work out unless the combat rounds are 10 seconds long, and if it takes the hero 10 seconds to cross 7 yards at full pelt, he's doing even worse than a fat guy with chronic asthma (me).

Why full pelt? Because they've been chased by wolves, and I'm pretty sure that the wolves are running, not slowly sauntering towards their prey, so if they're running full pelt and not catching the protagonist, that means he must be running at wolf pace, which is certainly full pelt for a human.

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