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Eschalon: Book II 1.05 is officially released!

Posted: October 29th, 2010, 1:12 pm
by BasiliskWrangler

Fixed: Magi Surami no longer drops Bluish Key
Fixed: Quick-traveling now properly expires all turn-dependent effects
Fixed: Rapid turn exploit issues with CTRL + Left Mouse clicking
Fixed: Pressing "T" to ignite torch uses a round.
Fixed: Picking up an item doesn't remove its weight from your overall load.
Fixed: Avatar clothes updated properly when unequiping items and placing them directly in a container.
Fixed: Can no longer swap equipment while Stunned or in Parry Mode
Fixed: Can no longer camp atop loot bag.
Fixed: Widget no longer shows in Hellice Lake cabin. Also redesigned the cabin to be less wang-like.
Fixed: Several NPC portraits and sounds were incorrect.
Fixed: A number of minor map bugs.
Fixed: A number of minor bugs related to weapon damage.
Fixed: Overwhelming Volley throws the proper number of weapons, and will throw all weapons carried if less than maximum volley.
Fixed: Entangled creatures can no longer attack you under any circumstances.
Fixed: Certain items no longer show as needing repaired even if game is set for "no deterioration of equipment".
Fixed: Items that are at 100% no longer show a 1gp repair cost.
Fixed: Powder Kegs no longer disappear if your inventory is full.
Fixed: Tweaked Repair Skill (repair while camping) to correct a few anomalies
Fixed: Riposte Feat resets properly after one-hit kills.
Fixed: Portal Spell now displays anchor point info correctly.
Fixed: More typos as reported by players.
Fixed: Disarm Trap animation not so slow on Macintosh.
Fixed: Hunger/Thrist bug when sleeping at Inn.
Fixed: Weight calculation bug when lifting objects from containers and dropping powder kegs.
Updated: Changed the wording on the Shield deflection bonus.
Updated: Changed Cat's Eyes spell just a bit. Should work fine under all circumstances.
Updated: New Screen Capture function works almost everywhere inside the game.
Updated: Edwin no longer accuses you of a crime by just touching the door inside his office.
Balance: Starvation and Dehydration damage is now compounded, so the more hungry or thirsty your character is, the more damage he/she endures.
Balance: Poison now compounds not only in duration, but amount of trauma as well.
Balance: General Ghorr is more powerful, as are some of the other Taurax
Balance: Hellbringer Challenge raised to >800 kills.
Balance: Wealthy Lord Challenge rasied to >80,000 gp.
Added: New map areas, including Fathamurk dungeon beneath the Farrock Caves.
Added: Several new Item bonuses
Added: You can now pour potions on to the ground (to get an empty flask). Just act like you are throwing a potion away to pour it out.

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Re: Eschalon: Book II 1.05 is officially released!

Posted: October 29th, 2010, 1:37 pm
by BasiliskWrangler
I will be spending the next couple days getting updated links out to Steam, Impulse, GamersGate, Direct2Drive, MacGameStore, etc. I will strongly suggest that they update their versions as quickly as possible.

I doubt any of them will get to it before Monday, however.