Lag building up over time

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Lag building up over time

Post by Luke00016 »

Hey all,

So I just discovered the Eschalon series and am loving them. I played through Book I and am starting Book II now but am having some technical trouble with it.

I'm a few hours into the game and here's what is happening:

I'll load my game and it will run well for about 10 minutes (performance = 10). Then it will start to get progressively laggier. The performance will jump to around 40, then in a few minutes it will jump to around 70. A few minute later I'm looking at over 100.

I've tried closing the game and restarting. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. When I restart my computer entirely the lag always disappears but builds up again.

This happens regardless of the zone I'm in. It happens in towns, underground, in forests, etc.

I'm running the game on a Dell Latitude E6400 laptop, Intel Core2 Duo 2.66GHz with 4 gigs of ram. I assume this should be plenty to run the game smoothly.

I've also updated all of my drivers to see if that would fix the problem; it didn't.

Does anyone have suggestions on what to do?


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Re: Lag building up over time

Post by BasiliskWrangler »

Sorry Luke, I've never heard of such lag building up, as you have described. Anyone else?
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Re: Lag building up over time

Post by dickesKind »

Hello Luke,

can it be, that the partion where your virtuall memory is located, is full? Normaly its drive C. Please check out if there is enough space left or if the drive is just full.
English is not my native language and I hope you know what I mean when I am writing about hardware stuff :oops: .
I experienced a problem like yours with other games, when my C-drive was full and there was not enough space for the games to put temporary data on it.

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