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Re: Sound issues

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Hey guys !

Well, I don't know if Pulseaudio is to blame... Dunno... I think it works pretty well nowadays and it has very interesting features...

It *may* also be a drivers issue. Indeed, in my case, I figured out my audio chipset driver, for some reason, didn't seem to support "alsa dmix" : that is to say, that it couldn't mix several audio sources. It couldn't mix, for instance, pulse output with alsa output. I think it explains why, sometimes, I couldn't get sound in alsa apps or OSS apps, or why they were interrupting each others...

*however* if I install in synaptic (in Ubuntu) the "alsa backports modules" everthing works perfectly : alsa & pulse apps mix flawlessly.

--> the problem is that those "backport alsa modules" only seem to exist in Ubuntu. I didn't manage to get them under Archlinux or Debian / Linux Mint Debian Edition...

(in very rare cases, for really old OSS apps, I just have to start them with "padsp" that redirects OSS to Pulse. I guess it's because OSS apps try to lock the hardware ?


Just a second remark : Charlie (from Charlies's Games) makes some very cool shmups in BlitzMax for Win/Mac/Linux. I noticed he used the defaults, and by default BlitzMax apps use OSS or ALSA in... exclusive mode (-> no sound if any other app was playing at the same time). Can anyone help him set a non-exclusive mode ? (what a strange idea, I came accross no other alsa app that was forcing this exclusive mode)...

Cheers everyone !
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Re: Sound issues

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zeland wrote:

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ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
Thanks!! This worked like a charm.
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Re: Sound issues

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thx guys i just bought this game and have sound issue and fixed by reading your replies
my regards
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