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from Mac to Linux

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Forgive me if this seams out of place, I just finished Book II on my Linux machine and so I ended up here, my life is a swirl or confusion...

Comments and a question...

I did enjoy Book I, and thoroughly enjoyed Book II, I played it on my Linux machine because me Mac is to old and running OS 10.4.11. I spent an absorbing 98.2 hours and had a good time.
My final score was 94,732 but I couldn't get "p" to print the screen for me, what do I care I had a good time.

My problem, so my Mac is currently tied up rendering art work on this side of the room. I used my Mac to play Book I, so I did a fresh install of Kubuntu 10.10 on my Linux box and downloaded a demo of Book I so I could replay on Linux. Then I transferred my "Saved Games" from my Mac to the Linux, thinking I could play it again over there.
Didn't work, my Linux box doesn't see me as a legal user, it continues in Demo mode. Does anyone know the solution to this problem? I was hoping that when Book III comes out, the trilogy will be offered as all three on a single DVD for Mac, Linux and Windows. But that's for my wish list. Right now I'd like to move my game from my Mac to Linux.

Any help would be appreciated...

and yes, Coffee is my drug of choice as well...
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Re: from Mac to Linux

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Email BW (info [at] with your original purchase information for Book I and that you would like a Linux download. Book I had separate downloads for the demo and the full game, so you will have to get the whole new file.

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