Strange flickering in full-screen (+windowed except GNOME 3)

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Strange flickering in full-screen (+windowed except GNOME 3)

Post by LennyCZ »


I have laptop (ThinkPad R500) with Debian Wheezy.

The problem is that when I start game, display keeps flickering strangely:
  • it affects only some elements like rendered text; but in game, most of elements are affected (so I generally have hard time to even quit the game)
  • the flickering is somehow random, but somehow also responses to the mouse movement
Needless to say, this renders game unplayable.

Strange thing is that this always affects full screen mode, but windowed mode is affected on Xfce, GNOME 2, but not on GNOME 3.

The graphics card is Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller. Let me know if you need me to post other information.
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Re: Strange flickering in full-screen (+windowed except GNOM

Post by SpottedShroom »

It's very odd that it only does this in certain desktop environments. I would expect something like this to be an X11 issue.

The only things I can think to suggest are to try to narrow down the problem. Try booting from a live CD for a different distribution and see if the same thing happens. If you have access to another computer, try booting a Wheezy live CD there. I'd like to suggest trying a different video card, but that's not exactly easy to do.

Have you seen anything similar in other programs?
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