most powerful weapon you've ever seen (or had)

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most powerful weapon you've ever seen (or had)

Post by Undermun » November 23rd, 2017, 9:37 am

ok, so I've been a fan of the Eschalon series for a while. I played through them all a couple years ago, and recently found them again in some old files. I started playing through them, but this time I would get every secret there was to get, as well as the best gear. I ended book one with the best sword in the game enchanted with +3 ToHit and damage. I'm nearing the end of Eschalon book three, and my goal is to get a supreme Mithril conquerer's sword (base damage eleven, plus 2 damage and plus 3 swords(I've seen it in shops)) and enchant it with plus three ToHit to make the best sword in the game (I think). Can anyone tell me the best weapon they've seen or had in Eschalon book three? I realluy want to know.

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Re: most powerful weapon you've ever seen (or had)

Post by Kaylon » February 14th, 2018, 12:46 pm

With the nerf of +skill bonuses I don't consider them the best option for the most powerful weapon because +3 skill adds at best +1dmg/ToHit. For me the best option would be a mithril weapon with +4magic/elemental damage (from shop) which can be enchanted further with +3dmg and +3ToHit.

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