True Mage + True Alchemist = Impossible

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True Mage + True Alchemist = Impossible

Post by Ssschah » February 19th, 2014, 12:44 am

I've come to the conclusion it's impossible to win book 3 with both these challenges. Why? Because there are certain levers throughout the game that must be struck to open gates/barrels that must be destroyed. With 'True Mage' you cannot use a physical weapon to bash a creature or object. You can only use magick to trigger levers thus far. But with 'True Alchemist' you cannot cast a magick spell. Ultimately making it impossible to succeed with both challenges. This is a little weird considering you might think of a mage as an alchemist and an alchemist as a mage. Mages will probably use at least one mana potion during the game, and alchemists are a poor single choice to play as in this game considering how they changed Foraging and the available reagent selection in shops. Now I know there is no official "a mage is an alchemist" and vice versa but the two seem nearly interchangeable.

Edit: There's bound to be challenges you cannot complete with another, for example you cannot be a pacifist and a hellbringer, but alchemist and mage seem like they are closer than they are different.

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