bug workaround for closed rockhammer mine level 2

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bug workaround for closed rockhammer mine level 2

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Backstory you can skip:

[So I was on a second playthrought because I wanted my ranger to get journeymaster, and I was not reading every line of dialogue I already read.

I talked to guy in mine and got scorpion quest killed em and got gold. i then went and killed roaches and when I told the guy about it he said "cool" and gave me gold but then an option for gold was still there. without thinking I clicked it. and then WORSE I overwrote my save before realizing rockhammer 2 was somehow glitched (i think do to this)]

Important part:

if mine is closed, use character editor available here: http://dx4.org/eschalon_utils/eschalon_utils_setup.exe

use editor on your savegame when you are very close to door to level 2. use TAB to see the X,Y coordinates that are the nearest BEHIND door. then save and use editor to move your character to those coords. you can then load into the level 2. when you leave level two it automatically puts you past the big door so you don't have to edit your way out.


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