Request for added mapping feature

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Request for added mapping feature

Post by Ogbebaba »

I wish I could get a spell or something to mark each grid square as I step on it.
(sort of like the auto map in old might & magic games)

This could be done a few different ways

A game option as I guess it would drastically effect the difuculty of the new secret area thing (which I love)

As a item. a globe or map of eschalon that allows you to place notes and marks each square as you step on it
Or a spell. that marks your cartography map as you walk
Hell I' d be happy with "ink boots" that leave foot prints were ever you step.

I have a lousy sense of direction, an unreliable short term memory, and am easily destracted.
So I need all the help I can get to make shore I leave no stone unturned and get to visit every square inch of eschalon.

looking at a completely explored map in a open ended rpg gives me a sence of accomplishment.
And being able to accurately track my progress as I explore just gives me that warm fuzzy feeling.
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