Your favourite Eschalon game?

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From favourite to least favourite

Book I > Book II > Book III
Book I > Book III > Book II
Book II > Book I > Book III
Book II > Book III > Book I
Book III > Book I > Book II
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Book III > Book II > Book I
Total votes: 23

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Re: Your favourite Eschalon game?

Post by Ssschah » October 10th, 2014, 4:29 pm

I agree. Book II > Book I > Book III.

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Re: Your favourite Eschalon game?

Post by VDK » December 4th, 2014, 6:42 pm

I voted book 2. The reason why was that its the only game like that other than fallout 2 which has allowed me to keep interested in the story. That and the fact that the boss battle in book 2 is challenging. Some people say that going complicated is a good thing for a story.

I dont think so. I like simple story concepts, and a 10 foot tall minotaur guy is about as simple as its going to get to keep me interested. Icewind Dale does that too and many other oldschool rpgs.

Just give me a piece of garbage that is tough to engage with and take down and I love it.

Book 1 is second place however, I will play book 3 again and see if that changes.

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Re: Your favourite Eschalon game?

Post by Randomizer » December 4th, 2014, 6:47 pm

Book 2 was the most overall fun.

Book 3 had better game mechanics, but its shortness made it hard to use the skills properly since once you got them at a really useful level then the game ended. Out of all the games it felt like there should be more to see and kill.

Book 1 was nice, but being able to abuse Hide in Shadows and the game reloading to unlock something at 1% chance meant I really had to control myself.

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Re: Your favourite Eschalon game?

Post by Painted Lady » December 4th, 2014, 9:17 pm

I just love Book I. It has such a great combination of story line and replayablilty. Books II and III are great, but I pretty much consider Book I to be an almost perfect RPG. That is a personal choice, of course.

Of course, there are exploits, but the balancing of the game is terrific overall. I remember trying to figure out how to get the heavy jug-thingy from Bordertown to Blackwater with a mage. Gosh, that was a fun challenge.

Anyway, I can't wait to see what BW comes up with next.

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Re: Your favourite Eschalon game?

Post by Lord_P » February 9th, 2015, 2:18 am

I am temporarily returning to these forums to give my opinion. My vote is Book II > Book I > Book III, but I will now go into details. The three games have different strenghts, in my honest opinion.

Best Gameplay: Book III
  • Yup, I think Book III has the best game mechanics. It's basically like a better version of the Book II mechanics, which are the second best. On that note, I would really love to see Book II remade in the Book III engine.
Best Atmosphere: Book I and Book II tied
  • A hard one indeed but my fondest memories seem to come from Book I's Salted Coast and that-fortress-in-the-middle (Oh no, the name escapes me) and Book II's Nor'land. I just love the feeling of absolute stillness emanating from those places.
Best World: Book II (honourable mention: Book I)
  • Book II's Mistfell was a big place, and while other people may criticise it for its emptiness, I find it charming. Book I gets an honourable mention. The Parish region, Salted Coast, gosh.
Best Story: Hard to say
  • I haven't paid much attention to the story. I think that it isn't the best quality of the Eschalon games, really. The games shine more in the other categories mentioned in this post.
Best Music: Tied
  • Aw, dang, the best thing in the entire series! :) My opinion still stands: the music heard in Book I's Bordertown and that fortress (my memory won't work) is beautiful. The track is known as Overland 4, iirc. Book II's Durnore has one of the best musics in the series (no wonder it got a place in the trailer). Unfortunately I don't remember Book III as well as the others, so I can't say much about it. Still great music, like the one at the starting area.
Most memorable: Book II and Book I tied
  • Outrunning wolves in the forest, killing slimes on the shores of the lake, dodging Noximanders in the catacombs, exploring
    [+] SPOILER
    for the first time, going to Crakamir, writing down notes to figure out the teleporter pad in the priest's basement, just hanging out in Durnore, entering Port Kuudad for the first time, getting shot by Goblin archers in the mists of Vela, having my heart race escaping the Walking Corpses in the crypt... Oh sweet memories.
Overall the Eschalon games have been very very good, and while I still miss the editor, I think that the journey was well worth it. Salutations.

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Re: Your favourite Eschalon game?

Post by blatherbeard » February 9th, 2015, 9:39 am

Mine was as follows--I, II then III.

I--finished the game with the build i had liked, then replayed it multiple times with other types of characters.

II--Couldnt finish the game with the warrior build i had after i got to the island, which prompted me to try a restart but just didnt have it in me after that.

III--couldnt stand the fact that i didnt finish book II, so i started the game and just lost interest, mostly because other games started getting in the way.

Opinion may change if i lose interest in other games and finish II and III eventually.
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