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Post by BasiliskWrangler »

This guy speedrun Book I in just over an hour. Who's gonna beat it?

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Re: Speedrun

Post by Kreador Freeaxe »

Wow! I will not be beating that.

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Re: Speedrun

Post by SpottedShroom »

I didn't watch the whole thing, but it looks like this person makes heavy use of hide in shadows to avoid combat. They still have to kill two Goblin Warlords, though, which I didn't bother trying to find in the video to see how they did it.

I guess the minimal process would be:
  • Steal the crypt key
  • Get the amulet from the crypt
  • Read the "Foozgrumph" note in Blackwater
  • Get the Crux from the vault
  • Kill the Goblin warlord in Vela and get his key
  • Go to Shadowmirk and get Erubor's key
  • Kill the Goblin warlord in Grimhold and get his key
  • Get into Crakamir - not sure if stealing the gate key or activating the portal is faster
  • Steal the giants' key
Sneaking through the dungeons and killing the warlords is probably the hardest part. You'd probably need to level up at least a little bit but maybe you'd pick up the XP without having to do anything extra.

For a turn-based game I think it makes more sense to score a run in turns rather than in time. I don't suppose the game tracks how many turns have elapsed?
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