Ranger build

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Ranger build

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Nefarious therish ranger with 30dexterity, 15concentration at creation. The idea is to put (nearly) every skill point in bows and (nearly) all attribute points into dex (you might want to invest 2skill points in alchemy for the best enchantments; 2skill points in elemental magic and 5 points into int are required for portal). For the other skills you use trainers and then books to reach lvl7 and when you don't have trainer you just use books, while the items with will help you to boost them further when needed...

The ideal is to start without any skill point spent and train the bow to lv5 before you level up -finding the money to train bows to lv5 and cartography to lv1-2 is the hardest part. (The easiest way is to save before looting and reload until you can get valuable loot from each container).

By lv5 you should have 98% chance to hit most monsters at normal range and you can advance very fast with the quests. At lv10 you should have lv50bows/65dex and you'll be able to kill even tauraxes in 2-3hits. At this point you can also destroy barrels, chests, doors very easily with the bow...

The equipment is pretty standard: 2x Ring of the Assassin (appear at lvl9 in shops), Recurved Composite Great Bow (drink the pure water yourself...), Amulet of Accuracy, Ranger Lord's Mithril Bracers (appear at lvl14 in shops)

With the easter eggs (best used after lv17 when the experience needed for the nest lvl becomes 20k) you can reach easily lv18 (if you do all quests and clear all the maps). At this point you can have 98% acccuracy against all monsters - Dirachnid included - at all ranges and with heavy armor you can also have 98% defense rating against any enemy - which means you can stand in the middle of the spire guards all day long and kill them at point blank range...

Pushing your character to lvl21 (rather easy to farm tauraxes after lv14 - when they start spawning while resting) allows using light armor (Priest's Cloak, Grand Master Wizard's Hat, etc...) while keeping your armor rating and accuracy maxed.
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