new character?? need some tips

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new character?? need some tips

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I just started the game for the fifth time lol, i just found out you need cartography to see the map.
Should i put 1 point into light armor or put all on heavy armor if want a fighter, since the shop from starting city only sells light equipment. should i get some healing spells too?
I algo got dodge, picking locks, sword, shield and heavy armor

i have 19 on str dex and end, i had low dex on previous build i thought dex was for ranger.
speed its 10
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Re: new character?? need some tips

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Discussions to answer yor questions:

Armor depends upon how lucky you get finding it because near the beginning it will be a mix of light and heavy.

Healing spells help for those long dungeon crawls unless you want to go the alchemy route and make lots of potions.

General discussion for fighters:
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