Bastion Spire end (Spoiler)

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Bastion Spire end (Spoiler)

Post by Helena »


I just finished the game, and I really feel very frustrated by the end.

Is Bastion Spire just a joke ? Nothing to explore ( ONE room), 10 seconds walking, just a question to ask, and exit, bye bye, go away !

And before that, just when killing Gramuk, you're told something very ambiguous, that you're confident in the fact Gramuk is dead...and obviously you think that he isn't, that the game would be too much easy and simple. But no, he IS dead, that's all. You pick up all the money (totally unusuable, because you don't have anything else to do), take the portal, and after a few seconds the game is over.

A pity this end is just crap, when the game was quite nice to play, but short. Lots of other quests are needed, really.

Anyway, graphics are beautiful, and it's pure D&D, what is a pleasure. Thanks to the staff.
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Re: Bastion Spire end (Spoiler)

Post by BasiliskWrangler »

Well, the real "end" was the battle to enter the Goblin Citadel, and then facing Gramuk. The last bit in the Spire was just to finish the "Good" storyline.

Reload a saved game and take Gramuk's offer to see an alternate ending.

Or, kill Gramuk and then kill the Chancellor as well for the ultimate evil ending (good luck).
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Re: Bastion Spire end (Spoiler)

Post by Helena »

to say the end "is just crap" is nothing but insulting to the hard work Thomas put into the game
No, it isn't insulting : the game was really nice to play, and precisely, this end is a true waste, when the game is very good.

Why teleport us in a new keep, and let us only see the 5th level, and frustrating us because we're not able to visit the four other levels ? Why create this new place for nothing, and let us know before it would be THE POINT ?

The Bastion Spire quest had to be like fireworks, something very special to close the game in a magnificent way.

And what about the memory of the player character ? Did he recover it or not ? What's his whole personal story ? yes, that story he couldn't know before Gramuk was killed, because it was too dangerous for everybody...Who was he exactly ?

I hope Eschalon II will be more complete, with a real beautiful end, because the game deserves it !
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Re: Bastion Spire end (Spoiler)

Post by Sslaxx »

I think you're expecting too much.

This is "Book I" - there are to be two other parts of this game. In other words, the story is not finished yet, far from it. I didn't find the "ending" disappointing, bearing that in mind - other questions are going to be answered only by the second and third games. Patience, in this case, is a virtue.
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Re: Bastion Spire end (Spoiler)

Post by Kreador Freeaxe »

There are at least three other possible endings to the game.

Also, after killing Gramuk, you don't have to go straight to the Bastion Spire and end the game.

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Re: Bastion Spire end (Spoiler)

Post by Gargamel »

Kreador Freeaxe wrote:There are at least three other possible endings to the game.

Also, after killing Gramuk, you don't have to go straight to the Bastion Spire and end the game.
Okay, I've gotten three different endings and seen two different closing credit scenes.
Are there any more endings I haven't seen yet?

Oh, and I didn't find the ending dissapointing at all. Loved the whole game, in fact!
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Re: Bastion Spire end (Spoiler)

Post by NinjaGremlin »

Hi there,
greets from austria, loved the game,
got the CD a week before, and installed it on my
new laptop: the walking speed was much better than on my old 1500er AMD ,
so I was finished after 25 hours (rather than 60 to blackwater on the old one)

the ending was a little bit "fast" (I expected some opponents at the end of the portal,
like: you killed the shaman, but there might be a hidden warlock waiting for "his" time...)

could have been some more "traps" inside the goblin citadel, with for example a new/higher monster class,
(esp. when touching the golden demon, there where just nasty goblins...)

fighting was no real challenge after blackwater/vela (esp in the dark with hide in shadows 10)

what was the all great stuff in the goblin citadel for? (I had to store it in 4 barrels and one chest.....
ok I played a thief, so I really had to get my hands on it....)

liked the scene with my brother, but unlike others I recalled him, SPOILER below 8)

his name was Brian,
so instead of killing him, I sang his most favorite song: always look on the bright side of life....

he even tried to sing with me (or did he try to stop me??), unfortunately, he did his last
after the refrain: just before you draw your terminal breath....
(and even the suicide commandos where there...)

have still to try alternative endings
(had no save just before gramuk)
also still have to do the destroyer ending
could you take one of the girls with you in one of these endings... esp. the one in bordertown 8) ?

alltogether: great game
looking forward for add on and book II / III
any pre orders possible?


PS: if you find typographic may keep them
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Re: Bastion Spire end (Spoiler)

Post by realmzmaster »

I think the ending was perfectly logical. You killed Gramuk and returned the Crux of Ages. You ended Gramuk's influence over the Chancellor for the Good ending. You were kept at Bastion Spire to answer questions and released with little fanfare as not to panic the public and discredit the leadership. Your character will continue to regain his/her memory through Book II and III. The ending is not meant to be spectacular. The ending simply wraps up this part of the story. I really like the ending.
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Re: Bastion Spire end (Spoiler)

Post by Dr. G »

I really liked the ending.

Altough it was not hard to kill Gramuk (Sword 14), and wpuld have enjoyed a bigger challange in the Spire (new kind of baddies, not only tauraxes).

I think this ending leaves you with a lot of anxiety as to what cwill happen in Book II, regretably book II is not yet available, and in another post I read there was an add-on probability, but it was not sure yet.... I rstrongly suggest the add-on, because there are things in book one that don't get an answer, for example the boat that you can travel in, but "think it is not a very good time" or something like that.... and ther is a portal just to the east of where the adventure begins, that does not work, and does not seem to be posible to repair, I toght with the book of transfered circuits you could get an answer, but nope.

So please try to make an add-on before BOOK II
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Re: Bastion Spire end (Spoiler)

Post by Helena »

You know what ?

I did it again, twelve years later, and I thought exactly the same thing, I felt exactly the same way !

I forgot what I had written the first time, so I just decided to have a look...and definitely, the end is a very very big WASTE !

If you can update for new macs and Windows PC, please add something better for the end.
And more quests, with different styles. Something else than just Kill someone or FIND an object...
If developpers are roleplaying gamers, they could have a little bit more imagination...please.
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