Played 9h and still no recipe found ?

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Played 9h and still no recipe found ?

Post by Minsk » December 30th, 2011, 5:04 pm

Hi !

I play a Healer/Cleric and have currently (9h played, maybe ~50% of the game done) not found, or was able to buy, a single recipe.
I have a Alchemy skill of 3 and would at least like to do some simple Mana potion.

I know there is a guide here with all recipes but i would like to get them ingame.
Is there any trick to get those recipes or do they all come late in the game ?

Small secondary question...
Is the lock picking/trap disarming a minigame ?
Because if you (try to) disarm a trap there is this window showing some mechanism, but i cant find anything inside the manual.

Thanks for your help !

Captain Magnate
Captain Magnate
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Re: Played 9h and still no recipe found ?

Post by Randomizer » December 30th, 2011, 5:34 pm

The is a recipe back in Elderhollow near the start:
South Parish
6, 137 (Locked Chest next to explosives): Torn Page (alchemy recipe for healing elixer, note that necessary ingredients are also in chest), Willow Sap, Sulfur

The rest are pretty much at random. The full list is here:

The trap/lock picking animation seems to be there just for fun.

You're welcome.

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