Complete List of Skill-Trainer Books & Other Books in Book I

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Complete List of Skill-Trainer Books & Other Books in Book I

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As this thread, and this one, never completed the list of Skill-Trainer Books, I thought I'd fill in all the details:

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BOOK TITLE                            COST        TYPE
Combat Skills:
"Bones To Splinters"                  50gp        skill: Weapons, Bludgeoning
"The Greatest Ranger"                 50gp        skill: Weapons, Bows
"The Lumberjack"                      50gp        skill: Weapons, Cleaving
"The Legendary Swordsman"             50gp        skill: Weapons, Swords
      ***No Trainer Book for Unarmed Combat!!***
      ***No Trainer Book for Short Bladed Weapons!!***
      ***No Trainer Book for Thrown Weapons!!***

Armor Skills:
"Light Armor Field Guide"             50gp        skill: Armor, Light
"Heavy Armor Field Guide"             50gp        skill: Armor, Heavy
      ***No Trainer Book for Armor, Shields!!***

"Magicka Divine"                      50gp        skill: Arcane, Divination
"Elements of Magick"                  50gp        skill: Arcane, Elemental

Other Skills:
"The Art of Brewing"                  50gp        skill: Alchemy
"Mapping Your World"                  50gp        skill: Cartography
      ***No Trainer Book for Dodge!!***
"Embrace the Night"                   50gp        skill: Hide in Shadow
      ***No Trainer Book for Lore!!***
      ***No Trainer Book for Meditation!!***
"Buying and Selling"                  50gp        skill: Mercantile
      ***No Trainer Book for Move Silently!!***
"Keyholes and Tumblers"               50gp        skill: Pick Locks
"It's a Trap!"                        50gp        skill: Skullduggery
"Hidden Dangers and Treasures"        50gp        skill: Spot Hidden
      ***No Trainer Book for Survival!!***

Skill-related Books (etc.):
"The Alchemist's Textbook I"          15gp        list of easy Alchemical recipes
"The Alchemist's Textbook II"         50gp        list of medium Alchemical recipes
"The Alchemist's Textbook III"        75gp        list of hard Alchemical recipes
"Imbuing Your Equipment"              50gp        list of Imbuing recipes
"Sam's Guide to Demon Oil" (page)     50gp        recipe for Demon Oil

Other Books:
"A World of Wonder"                    5gp        describes Eschalon's "5" provinces
"Of Men and Giants"                   10gp        history of Giants
"The Jewel of Thaermore"              10gp        about The Crux of Ages jewel
"The Goblins of Thaermore"            15gp        history & sociology of goblins
"A History of Thaermore"              35gp        describes history of Thaermore

Story Books:
"The Holy Tasslar"                     5gp        religious: Eschalon's creation
"The Orakur Are Watching!"             5gp        scary tales for kids
"Benny and the Dragon"                10gp        a boy, & his pet dragon egg
"The Crimson Sky"                     10gp        a tale of an archer, & vengeance
If I'm missing anything, or have anything incorrect, please let me know!
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Re: Complete List of Skill-Trainer Books & Other Books in Bo

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"Elementary" 50gp skill: Lore

oops, never mind..that's a book for Book: II :!: :roll:
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Re: Complete List of Skill-Trainer Books & Other Books in Book I

Post by Randomizer »

Almost all the books are randomly distributed in the game in containers or sold by merchants.

In Blackwater Region:
Embrace the Night (Hide in Shadows Training Book)

Shadowmirk Level 2 -
Magicka Divine (Divine Training Book)
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