Hit Points / Mana Points on level up inconsistency?

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Hit Points / Mana Points on level up inconsistency?

Post by Weron » November 24th, 2007, 5:59 pm


I wonder what the formula for HP/MP on level up is. I also wonder how multiple levelups in one go works. I have been experimenting with my lvl 1 -> lvl 3 (Rifter Agnostic) Magick User, and the result confuses me. I wonder if there's some modifiers for being MU that are removed when I do more than one level up simulatneously? Or, I notice that the starting hp has changed since the demo. Is this recalculated when I do multiple level ups in one go? (This character was started in the demo.)

I also see no difference in MP by increasing intelligence instead of perception. As perception also increases MP regeneration, is it a good idea to only increase perception? (Once you have enough intelligence to read all scrolls.)

At lvl 1 he has endurance 10, intelligence 18 and perception 23.

1 -> 2, +3 endurance:
+2 HP, +6 MP
2 -> 3, +3 endurance:
+3 HP, +6 MP

1 -> 3, +6 endurance:
+7 HP, +11 MP

1 -> 2, +3 intelligence:
+2 HP, +7 MP
2 -> 3, +3 intelligence:
+2 HP, +7 MP

1 -> 3. +6 intelligence:
+5 HP, +13 MP

1 -> 2, +3 perception:
+2 HP, +7 MP
2 -> 3, +3 perception:
+2 HP, +7 MP

1 -> 3, +6 perception:
+5 HP, +13 MP


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Re: Hit Points / Mana Points on level up inconsistency?

Post by Josia » November 24th, 2007, 8:53 pm

Weron wrote:I wonder what the formula for HP/MP on level up is.
This was discussed some time ago, long before the game was completed. Based on empirical evidence, I'd say the formula mentioned by BW in that thread is out-of-date, but the concepts are probably the same.

One consequence of this is that it would seem that yes, once you have enough Intelligence to learn the spells you want increasing Perception is almost always preferable to increasing Intelligence.

I also am curious what the formula actually is, especially as it pertains to non-primary magic using types (does MP depend only on Perception and Intelligence? Only on Perception?).

[Edit: Corrected 2nd sentence, above. Thanks Fleisch!]

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Post by Loriac » November 24th, 2007, 10:45 pm

I'm seeing increments every 5 points of the major stat, i.e. at 20 endurance you get +4 on level up while at 25 you get +5 (based on a strength of 11-19). However, I noticed that when str went to 20 (with end 25) I started to get 6hp per level.

Similarly, MP is +6 at Per 20, +7 at Per 25, +8 at Per 30 (again, Int being in the range 11-20 on my character).

I think that minor attribute (str, int) is playing a role in the level up formula, but not a major one (perhaps it increments every 10 points rather than 5?).

Also, my guess is that the game is rounding the gain up or down on level up. When you level up 2 levels at the same time, I think the rounding is happening after 2x the level gain is calculated. This leads to odd results, e.g. on a single level up my char was getting +5 hp, +6 mp. On a double level up, this changed to +11hp, +11 mp. I.e. the hp were probably being rounded down to 5 from (say) 5.4 whilst the mp were being rounded up to 6 from (say) 5.6. On a double level up, this became 10.8 -> 11 and 11.2 -> 11. Thats my best guess at any rate.

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Post by Tiavals » November 25th, 2007, 7:28 am

Once upon a time the method was this, don't know if it's up to date:

Basic HP/MP gain amount: 2

+1 hp/mp per 5 points in Endurance/Perception(starting at 15). That is to say, you gain an extra mp/hp when your Endurance/Perception is 15/20/25/30.

Also, when your Strength/Intelligence/Wisdom is 20 or more you gain another hp/mp, and for every 10th after that. So if your Strength is 30, you gain +2 extra hp.

This is not retroactive, so if you, at a later date, raise your strength from 17 to 20, it will only affect HP from the levels after that, not before.

So if your Endurance is 25 and your Strength is 30, you would gain: 2(basic)+3(endurance)+2(strength) = 7 hp per level.

As I said, I'm not sure if this is up to date or not, but I'm sure it's somewhat like this.

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