Resolution Workaround for Netbook

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Resolution Workaround for Netbook

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I'm quite confident I'm not the only person who wants to play Eschalon Book 3 on a Netbook, but before starting another "resolution rant" thread...
(Seriously, this is a perfect game for a netbook, why not support 1024 x 600?)...
here's a workaround:

Download "Netbook Resolution Customizer": ... -10-beta2/
If the link is dead, just google it.

Install and start, there should be a new icon in your notification icon bar next to the clock. This tool allows you to change to a higher resolution using two different methods:
1. Method "Downscaling": Full 1024 x 768 will be displayed on your screen. Most netbooks will probably not have enough power to play with this setting, but you can try it (right-click icon, click on the resolution, select a new resolution and activate downscaling)
2. Method "No Downscaling" (Scrolling). When your mouse icon reaches the top or bottom of the screen, the screen scrolls to show the parts which can't be displayed due to the higher resolution. Not so heavy on the GPU. This might sound strange when reading it, but give it a try, I played quite some games with this setting.

Problems that might occur:
- Sometimes it doesnt show 1024 x 768 in the list. Try another resolution first and then try again.
- You might have to activate "Downscale" when rightclicking on the icon in the submenu functions.
- If the resolution is not active in eschalon book 3, play around with the app watching functionality in the settings of the tool.

Regarding the performance:
Im on a samsung n110 (only slightly pimped with 2gb ram and a ssd) and it's a wee bit slower than on my desktop computer.
The ingame perfomance rating for my netbook is 32 (high details) and 22 (low details) and 2 (desktop computer)

Have fun!
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