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Combining Mods

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The following Mods can be combined:

Book I
Elderhollow and Aridell Mod is made to be combined with Raverdave2k’s Book I mod
Raverdave2k’s Book I mod can be combined with the Eastern Salted Coast mod
Thaermore Revisited can be combined with Eastern Salted Coast
Eastern Salted Coast mod is compatible with all other Book I mods.

Book II
Eastwillow mod is compatible with all Book II mods except Treasure of the Orakur
Port Kuudad Tower Open is compatible with all Book II mods
Treasure of the Orakur is compatible with all except Beer fest (which was not a serious mod)
Return to Bastion Spire is compatible with all Book II mods

Book III
Good news – All six mods can be combined. Although, The Sanctum would have to be installed first.
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