9th Dawn III - releasing Oct 6th

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9th Dawn III - releasing Oct 6th

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Hi! Long time Eschalon fan here, and also GameDev. My new game, "9th Dawn III" is releasing in 2 days and I thought I'd share it with this forum as the 2nd installment was discussed here some time ago.

9th Dawn III is releasing on Steam(Windows Only), PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android in 2days. It is an extremely large openworld RPG full of content and features.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVRoCxw ... =emb_title

  • Explore a huge, seamless open world full of crypts, fortresses, villages, and more.
  • Find your way across deadly dungeons, fight over 270 unique monsters, and acquire loot, treasures, and rare materials.
  • Become the ultimate warrior as you unlock spells and abilities, fine-tune your attributes, and level-up your crafting abilities!
  • Recruit monsters! Turn them into powerful allies with care and combat skill training.
  • Collect 1,400 uniquely drawn items – including more than 300 weapons and 550 pieces of armor and accessories.
  • Customize weapons and armour, go fishing, cook food, collect rare power-ups, and more!
  • Kick back and play Fyued, an original card game played throughout the region with 180 collectable cards!
  • Enjoy an original orchestral soundtrack.
  • Help the townsfolk to prosper with sidequests that range from silly to dangerous!
Thanks for looking!
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Re: 9th Dawn III - releasing Oct 6th

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Congratulations on the release! I hope it sells really well for you.

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