So...Dark Souls 3

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So...Dark Souls 3

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Disclaimer: I play with a 2-hand katana wielder in heavy armor, so being able to dodge effectively (in terms of gameplay) is important. Shield players and sorcerers may tell different stories. Also, no summons whatsoever. So, now that this got out of the way...

Disclaimer 2: Lazily copypasta'd from RPG Codex (I posted it there).

By far the worst Souls game.

The decision to make the game more "fast-paced and action-ish" simply has turned most enemies into rabid flailing mobs with minimum tells. Great tactical choices involve being mauled to death by greatsword midgets hitting you 7 consecutive times while desperately mashing the roll buttons to no avail, effectively turning combat into a quicktime event where you press buttons like an idiot to escape situations like the above.

Granted, graphics are kewl and ermagherd and stuff, but let's discuss location variety:
You start in a generic wilderness. Then you go in a castle area. Then you go in another castle area, but that one has plumbing and maintenance issues.
Then you visit the bastard child of lost Izalith and Unoriginality. What, did Miyazaki bring Molyneaux on board?
Then More castles, cathedrals and forts! Also, Anor Londo! Nostalgia!
Then...well, you guessed it. Another castle. This game should be renamed into Castle Souls 3 or Dark Castle 3.
Lastly, reused enemies who, for some reason, are way stronger and yield more souls. Maybe they leveled up while you weren't looking.

So right now I'm in some garden (obviously belonging to the castle). I enter the fog gate. Then some furry starts talking. Eh well, sometimes bosses talk, right?

Then it continues talking while we fight. What the f**k is this? Metal Gear??

Also not being able to upgrade armors doesn't sit well in me. I understand that this is a dangerous path to number-crunching meta nitpicking, but in previous games you had the ability (illusion?) to make your armor just a liiittle better with each upgrade.

And about weapon farts...errr...arts, if I wanted super speshul moves ignoring every established gameplay element in the souls series so far, I'd play Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 or whatever. So you press a button and you go all Dovahkin with your club, instantly reducing incoming damage by whatever%. Seriously, From? Also, let's forget skill and use the sword-ex-machina to deal 5,500 points of damage to a boss!

I never played Demon's Souls, but Dark Souls I takes the cake for me. It had diverse locations, punishing but fair combat, the Poise mechanic had some meaning and every enemy had some tactical approach not involving rolling like a f***tard wating for their 10-hit combo to finish.

What set the Souls series apart from some other "difficult" games was that nine times out of ten, when you died, you blamed yourself. "Why didn't I run away? The boss was charging their laz0rz!" "I got greedy with this one, should have dodged after the 2nd hit instead of going for a 3rd"
In Dark Souls 3: Mimic chest. Mimic chest. Mimic chest. Mimic chest. Mimic chest. Mimic chest. Mimic chest. Mimic chest. Mimic chest. Mimic chest. Mimic chest.
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