Who is the most endearing character (any RPG)?

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Who is the most endearing character (any RPG)?

Post by Leezar » November 19th, 2016, 12:11 pm

So, I thought this forum has been rather slo... dead lately, so I will try to give it some CPR.

The name of the game is namedropping the character you thought were the most endearing from any RPG. Since I started the thread, I go first;

Eder (Pillars of Eternity)
This guy is very chill and down to earth, and also a really really nice and principled guy, combined with a very dark humor. He is also very able and responsible. If I were a homosexual or a girl, this is definitely the kind of guy I would fall for.

Honorable mentions:

Eiger (Shadowrun Dragonfall)
The female version of Eder, almost. A bit to rigid in her thinking in my taste - to much down to earth, perhaps - but otherwise a fine piece of ass. I´d date her if she would let me, except my family is very racist to trolls.

Drunk Captain Morgan (Eschalon II and III)
Dont get me wrong, this guy is an asshole... but he is a funny asshole. Having this guy around your house would be like having Ossy Osbourne around - you´d never know what he be up to next, but it would surely live up the place.

Maxim and Nowe (Lufia and Drakeengard II)
All around fearless good guys with lots of chutzpah and passion, and absolutely no character flaws - like a (young) Bernie Sanders the Barbarian. I wish I was anything like them, but I am not; just your regular nobody.

Minsc (Baldurs gate)
Roughly at the same time I penetrate your betrothed, you will be penetrated by this sharpened pole

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