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AC Valhalla

Posted: November 10th, 2020, 9:14 pm
by blatherbeard
OK so i know this just came out and its an ubisoft title but ive played the first hour or so and im VERY impressed. Im not the biggest AC fan but Odyssey was fun but lost interest after a bit. As soon as i got out of captivity in Valhalla i feel like i can do anything and go anywhere. Very open world so far(hoping this feeling stays, or gets even more intense, literally just out of tutorial and still havent been tutorialed about everything so might stil be in tutorial but it doesnt FEEL like one) i literally took control of my boat, but befroe that noticed there was a point of interest on the starter island, went there and wasnt dissapointed. Feels like they def want you to explore, which is the best part of games for me. anywho, if you dont want to invest the cash, if you can get this on sale or after a year or so when it comes down, its so far worth the 120 i paid for the ultra ed, and im not even far enough into the game to have experienced the world building thats in the game.

if your an AC fan, id say its an instabuy. I feel like its gonna be one of those games you could spend hundreds of hours in.

Re: AC Valhalla

Posted: November 14th, 2020, 11:10 pm
by Arkos
Wow, I didn't even know there was yet another Animal Crossing game out. :wink: