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Ahh i played Asteroids on the Atari VC2600 for hours..... such simple gameplay but tons of fun! :D
After that i jumped directly to a Amiga 500 (thx to all my friends for the c64 gaming sessions). Thats the machine i still love and admire today. A true gaming machine. And tons of exicting software....sigh...
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BasiliskWrangler wrote:Dude, a Vectrex? I would have sold my parents for one of those. Still is cool to this day.

I was an Atari guy...Atari 800 to Atari ST to the PC.
Seen one in a op Shop for 50$ Australian - kicking myself to this day I never had the cash to get it as I loved that machine - myself I had a vic 20 then Spectrum 48k,A500,A1200 now just a PC freak but still have N64 2 x gba's , beat up A500, Atari (forget name) and a Atari Lynx :D
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