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Post by Iane »

As mentioned here back in Jan about this game I thought I'd make a seperate post about it since the English Translation of the game is due by the end of this year.

Quick Summary
Inquisitional statistics:
• Three playable characters, 90 monsters and 180 NPCs
• Animation of the game characters consists of almost one million sprites (i.e. graphical elements)
• 34 surface areas with deep forests, green pastures and extensive towns
• 1.2 million square meters of exteriors
• Dozens of interiors, buildings, temples, palaces and forts
• 37 extensive dungeon complexes (including multilevel dungeons)
• 100 kilometers of twisting corridors
• Game environment design uses 50 000 manually finished sprites
• More than 200 weapons and projectiles including many magical ones
• 80 spells with spectacular effects, 6 different black art schools
• Huge amount of potions

• 10 years of development
• More than 1 500 pages of storyline
Check out new screen and full info here.

Also the game will be released for $49.95 but if you pre-order the english version now you will get it for $29.95 - now even though the above website States
• Save $20! The selling price of the game will be $49.95 USD, but if you pre-order before 31st December 2010, you’ll get the game just for $29.95.
This deal is still Active and available now as Stated by the Devs on there Facebook page ( I can Confirm this as I pre-ordered and paid the $29.95 2 days ago)

• Anyone who pre-orders the game will be able to play it at least two weeks before the official release of the English version (2011).
Facebook Page with Translated Screens ... 5590771967
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Re: Inquisitor

Post by Minsk »

Isnt this the game that should already be done (translatet) some years ago ?
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Re: Inquisitor

Post by llew silverhand »

Looks pretty cool, but my game budget is shot right now. I will definitely be keeping an eye on it though.
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Re: Inquisitor

Post by Enterian »

I've been waiting for that English translation for some time.
This game is a masterpiece, the art is great! I'll definitely buy the english version when it comes out. I just hope it won't be long until the English version is released.
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Re: Inquisitor

Post by blatherbeard »

I read that page and it says if bought before dec 2010. Wrong info or old info?
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